Packsys boosts customer service levels by 13% with Oracle

The packaging company uses Oracle Service and Oracle CPQ to manage, track, and analyze every interaction in the order and fulfillment process.


We are utterly confident that Oracle has the solution to our present and future challenges, with modular software that helps us fulfill our vision for customer service and satisfaction.

Patricia SanchezDirector of IT, Packsys

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Business challenges

Packsys is a provider of high-quality, sustainable packaging products and systems for a variety of industries. The company’s offerings include stretch film, adhesive tape, and shrink wrap, as well as strapping, wrapping, and taping machines. The Mexico-based company is committed to environmental sustainability, including a campaign that helps collect customers’ used materials for reuse in the production of new products.

As the company grew and diversified its product portfolio, the number of orders increased from about 600 to over 1,400 per month. It became increasingly difficult to manage and control all interactions with customers, from time of order, to delivery, and all way through to service. The goal is to deliver orders within 24 to 48 hours of the sale, but as customer interactions became more complex, some orders were being delayed by as much as 5 days.

Additionally, Packsys needed a sophisticated price control system, integrated with its Oracle Cloud ERP, that would accommodate unique pricing structures and rules for each customer. Manual processes were required to support this personalized pricing policy, which was time-consuming and error-prone.

Why Packsys Chose Oracle

Packsys evaluated solutions from half a dozen suppliers, including Zendesk and VerneLabs. Oracle was selected because its solution fully addressed the challenges, could be integrated to the company’s email system, and would seamlessly connect to Oracle Cloud ERP.  Additionally, employees had established strong working relationships with Oracle experts, having already adopted Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM. Oracle’s commitment to constantly improving its cloud products via continuous updates also factored into the decision.


The company deployed Oracle Service and Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote, going live in December of 2020. Employees can now precisely identify and analyze all customer interactions throughout the entire process from pricing, to order, to delivery, to service. Service levels have improved from an average of 70% to about 83%, with the goal of reaching 95% to 98%.

Using Oracle Cloud, Packsys staff can analyze each stage of the process to identify opportunities for improvement, such as lowering the rate of rejections. Also, with modern price control processes in place, order capture errors related to price have been reduced to near zero. Optimal selling prices are maintained, and rebilling due to incorrect pricing has been all but eliminated.

With integration to Gmail, customer orders are no longer getting lost due to miscommunication. All customer orders are automatically transformed into internal orders that are fully tracked within the systems.

In just the first three months, on-time deliveries to customers have already improved by more than 10%. The number of days to review—an activity designed to track, measure, and reduce the length of the collection process—has decreased from three days to just one.

Published:September 3, 2021