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Oracle CX for Healthcare

Simplify and personalize healthcare for your patients and members. Oracle CX for Healthcare helps you improve engagement and enhance the clinician-patient relationship with streamlined and cohesive experiences that put patients and members in control of their health. Connect patient data and centralize communications across your healthcare organization to coordinate care seamlessly, automate patient-centered outreach, and empower patients and members with self-service access to your system.

Explore Oracle CX for Healthcare

Digital experiences tailored for each patient

Improve access to care, personalize engagement, increase operational efficiencies, and create the digital experiences your patients and members deserve.

Digital engagements

Simplify access to care and reduce readmissions by allowing your patients to engage with you through an online portal. Provide a direct connection to caregivers and enable your patients to access real-time information and communications regarding their health in one location.

360-degree patient view

Gain a 360-degree view of each patient’s journey across payers and providers. Help your patients understand all the areas that impact their health and make better clinical decisions. Tailor your care plans to each individual’s needs.

Orchestrated scheduling and follow-up

Empower patients to schedule office visits and manage their appointments online. Automate appointment reminders, schedule confirmations, and follow up communications to ensure care is received and administered on a timely basis.

Patient and member self-service

Oracle’s self-service portal makes it easy for your patients and members to find healthcare providers and facilities including doctors, specialists, retail clinics, surgical centers, and specialty outpatient or alternative treatment centers. Offer 24/7 guidance with AI-enabled virtual assistants.

Omnichannel assistance and automated support

Assist patients through email, chat (including video chat), and more. Offer patients and members the support they need through the channels they prefer with instant access to answers, personalized advice, and tailored content through your self-service channels. Focus on each individual’s health, rather than manual data entry and administrative tasks, by providing caregivers detailed interactions from each patient’s profile automatically.

Value-added programs

Offer concierge assistance, telemedicine, and medication adherence programs to increase the availability of care and improve patient experiences.

Proactive and preventative care

Encourage your community to seek proactive and preventative care to improve health outcomes and drive down costs. Use data, AI, and automation to engage patient populations, build awareness of treatment options, and connect patients to the treatments they need.

Health management

Combine first-, second-, and third-party data to develop a deep understanding of your patients and community. Identify social determinants of health and proactively engage audiences with tailored healthcare offers and dynamic content—even if those audiences do not often engage with the healthcare system.

Targeted patient engagements

Increase routine checkups by engaging patients and members at the right time to take action, based on their health plans, history, demographics, and more. Look-alike modeling allows you to build patient profiles and run dynamic campaigns in real time to quickly reach individuals before they require costly, urgent care or develop more serious health conditions.

Awareness and differentiation

Promote new, innovative treatment options, publicize advancements, and highlight your specialty areas through orchestrated, omnichannel campaigns.

Public health campaigns

Consolidate your data, analyze trends, and run highly targeted public health campaigns focused on education and prevention. Leverage Oracle Eloqua to segment patient and member populations across broad geographic regions and deliver HIPAA-compliant email communications at scale.

Coordinate communication across the patient journey

Connect the patient journey across payers and providers to improve care coordination and streamline communications. With a complete view of your patients and members on one unified platform, you can achieve safer, more effective care while offering your patients a holistic view of their care journey.

Patient portals

Empower your patients and healthcare professionals to easily interact. Streamline communications and capture and share data electronically using a patient portal that connects to your EMR/EHR system. Provide your staff with a central location to access your patient’s history, medications, treatments, and conditions. Retrieve lab results, update patient profiles, and share information with insurance providers.


Improve operational efficiencies by connecting your front- and back-office applications and processes. Oracle CX for Healthcare allows you to unify clinician, lab, hospital, pharmacy, and patient and member data into a single patient view accessible from any device. With connected data that updates in real time, you can streamline administrative tasks and improve care coordination across your healthcare system.

Eligibility verification and onboarding

Confirm patient service eligibility and make the onboarding experience easy by automating manual processes. Intelligent health avatars can help verify health plans and get patients setup.

Health and wellness offerings

Get the right messages to the right patients to strengthen patient and member relationships, promote healthy lifestyle programs, and enable the transition from sick to well care. With smart profiling and complete patient information that includes first-, second-, and third-party data, you can precisely tailor and segment communications to specific audiences.

Western Sussex Hospitals logo

The Western Sussex Hospitals Family Assist program transformed their service model to increase digital interactions, making it easier for families to work with caregivers and freeing caregivers to provide more care.

Oracle CX for Healthcare benefits

  • Achieve better health outcomes

    Connect the patient and member journey across payers and providers. Bring together all available data to improve operational efficiencies, get the right information to each individual, and make real-time, data-driven care decisions.

  • Make it easy for your patients and members to engage with you

    Offer a digital-first experience by providing your patients and members with a self-service portal to access their healthcare information and connect with your caregivers.

  • Improve care and services

    Get the right information about care and services to the right people at the right time. Offer personalized articles, content, and communications to inform patients and members about care options, health services, preventative care, and more.

  • Match patients to the right plans

    Help your patients and members select the right health care plans for themselves and their families with intuitive self-service tools, automated advice, and a simple, guided open enrollment process.

  • Improve clinician satisfaction and reduce turnover

    Allow caregivers to focus on their patients by simplifying administrative tasks, automating clinician workflows, and unifying patient data across your healthcare system.

    Healthcare industry digital transformation

Thought leadership

Oracle named a Leader in the Omdia Universe: Selecting a Customer Engagement Platform, 2020-21 report

Steve Earl, Vice President of Product Marketing, Oracle CX

Oracle was named a Leader in the Omdia Universe: Selecting a Customer Engagement Platform 2020-21 report. As stated in the report, “Oracle should appear on your shortlist if you want to optimize your business for consumers.” Oracle CX brings front- and back-office processes together to empower whoever gets to the customer first.

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