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Oracle Advertising and CX

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MarTech Interview with Steve Earl, Vice President for Oracle CX


Steve Earl, Vice President for Oracle CX explains how marketers can target more effectively and react with the most relevant messaging with one of Oracle’s latest marketing offerings: Oracle Fusion Marketing.

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B2B Selling Increasingly Virtual, Marketers Must Rely More On Digital Tech: Holly Simmons, Oracle


To drive a successful business, a positive customer experience remains crucial. Holly Simmons, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Advertising and CX, explains how marketers are stretching out their customer experience journeys.

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Oracle Calls Out Salesforce Yet Again—Can Larry Ellison Succeed This Time?


Unlike other products on the market, Oracle Fusion Marketing will fully automate the contiguous process of lead generation and lead qualification.

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With Oracle Fusion Marketing into the Future of CRM?


Oracle Fusion Marketing helps marketers and sellers focus on what they do best: building relationships and closing deals.

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Need Help Finding Customers? There's an A.I. for That


Fusion Marketing, new artificial intelligence software from Oracle, offers to ease a company's ability to personalize its marketing efforts.

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What CMOs need to do to make ‘madtech’ happen


Fusion Marketing helps you simplify your stacks and focus on technologies that are integrated and support a seamless customer journey, from consideration and adoption all the way through to sales and loyalty.

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Oracle Announces New Automated Lead Generation and Qualification Solution


Oracle Fusion Marketing makes it easy for marketers to execute campaigns that generate qualified sales opportunities and accelerate deal cycles.

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Oracle Launches AI-Enabled System to automate Lead Generation and Qualification


Fusion Marketing is expected to automate lead generation and qualification so that both marketers and sales professionals can overcome the siloed data and disconnected workflows that come with traditional CRMs.

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Oracle automates digital marketing


Oracle Fusion Marketing uses artificial intelligence to automatically assemble marketing campaigns and determine whether the people who interact with emails or advertisements might eventually buy a product, sending their contact information to sales teams.

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Oracle’s new digital marketing software runs on AI


In a market where lead generation is the most important goal for 85% of B2B content marketers, Oracle Fusion Marketing aims to automate digital marketing campaigns more effectively.

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Oracle Fusion Marketing automates lead generation and qualification


Oracle Fusion Marketing simplifies the creation and execution of campaigns and accelerates delivery times by automating the lead generation process.

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Oracle launches Fusion Marketing


According to Enterprise Times, Oracle Fusion Marketing will enable organizations to fuse their marketing and sales operations in ways that haven’t been previously possible.

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Oracle Live brings the future of CRM to a head


The editors at diginomica explore whether the newly-released Oracle Fusion Marketing can close the gap between sales and marketing.

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Oracle uses AI to automate parts of digital marketing


Oracle Fusion Marketing crosses the boundaries between sales, marketing, and advertising. It automates the assembly of marketing campaigns and uses AI to help determine who might eventually buy a product, sending their contact information to sales teams.

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Oracle announces new platform—Fusion Marketing


The announcement of Oracle Fusion Marketing showcases our commitment to consistently improving our marketing and sales offerings, while strengthening our B2B portfolio.

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Oracle Fusion Marketing enables campaign orchestration


Fusion Marketing taps into Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform to inform marketing campaign segments and uses AI to analyze account activity to deliver better leads to salespeople.

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Oracle Fusion Marketing automates lead generation


Oracle Fusion Marketing helps marketers and sellers avoid traditional CRM roadblocks by automating lead generation and qualification from start to finish.

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Oracle announces Fusion Marketing, a new automated lead generation solution


Fusion Marketing uses an AI-powered algorithm to monitor customer engagement across campaign channels and deliver qualified opportunities to whichever CRM system a company uses.

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Oracle system uses AI to automate digital marketing campaigns


With Fusion Marketing, companies can create marketing campaigns and determine whether the people who interact with emails or advertisements might eventually buy a product before sending their contact information to sales teams.

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Oracle Fusion Marketing reduces the role of traditional CRMs


Oracle Fusion Marketing—an AI-enabled B2B marketing solution—tracks account engagement with both email and advertising channels, automates lead scoring, predicts opportunity for sales engagement, and then delivers the qualified opportunity to any CRM system.

Read more in the MarTech article

Oracle Fuses Together a CDP and CRM for a Lead-Gen Tool


Oracle Fusion Marketing leverages the power of Oracle’s customer data platform to help B2B marketers. By ingesting first-party data to create live lead-scoring filters that identify potential sales targets based on the data, it becomes easier to identify those people who have a higher propensity to buy.

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Oracle Fusion Marketing automates lead generation and qualification


Traditional CRM systems can cause frustration for sellers and marketers, but Oracle’s newly announced Fusion Marketing helps them create campaigns that span both traditional marketing and advertising channels.

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Virtual Selling Is Here to Stay: Five Tips for Success


Sales technology (CRM systems) must step up, and sales leaders need to embrace the advancements in order to retain their top talent. As sales teams adopt an increasingly virtual model, here are five tenets virtual selling organizations should follow.

Continue reading the DestinationCRM article

Key Takeaways: Forrester Wave for Digital Experience Platforms, Q3 2021


The editors at Solutions Review have read the Q3 2021 iteration of the Forrester Wave for Digital Experience Platforms report and compiled some of the takeaways worth knowing about.

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CEO Next 2021: The Up-and-Coming Leaders Set to Revolutionize American Business


Software veteran Rob Tarkoff heads Oracle’s Advertising and Customer Experience software products, which helps thousands of companies digitize their marketing, customer service, advertising, and ecommerce.

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Market-Cap Madness: Oracle Leapfrogs Salesforce on Cloud Surge


Just 10 months after the market was stating that Salesforce was 40% more valuable than Oracle, Larry Ellison and his revitalized cloud business have pushed Oracle’s market cap almost 10% higher than Salesforce’s. So, what the heck happened?

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How Retailers Can Win with a Blended Service Experience


The goal of a blended customer service experience is for your customers to shop in-store and online—or take advantage of a hybrid approach like curbside pickup—and feel that they have the same experience very time. To pull this off requires several things.

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Why *this* award really matters to us


Accolades come and go, but what we love is the feedback from customers. That said, we’re very proud that Redwood, Oracle’s next-generation design system, has won a San Francisco Design Week Award for user experience.

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Inside sellers work heroically to close deals


Just because sellers have found a way to do their jobs effectively—with duct tape, bubble gum, post-it notes, spreadsheets, 13 different colors of highlighter, and lots of emails—that doesn’t mean that there aren’t huge challenges and a lack of efficiency when it comes to the sales process. At least that’s what customers told us during a recent survey.

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Oracle Challenges SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce over Industry Cloud Suites


Oracle Digital Experience for Communications offers a new and differentiated experience for telco customers, using chatbots and AI. The secret? Integration and vertically specific coding.

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CX Decoded Podcast: Analyzing Voice Content Prospects for Marketers


Join contributor Preston So, product architect and strategist at Oracle, in a discussion about how marketing teams are deciding how to best use voice content—both as a term and tool (say, within Oracle Digital Assistant).

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Amid pandemic, a sea change in personalities


According to a survey conducted by Oracle, 86 percent of Americans saw a change in at least one of the five major “OCEAN” personality traits (openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are silver linings.

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Oracle CX adds subscription management, 3D ad measurement


Oracle CX has released features to make it easier to set up subscriptions and run analytics on subscriptions in process to predict which customers might not renew. And that’s just a small portion of what’s been released.

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Oracle releases update to its subscription management platform


Oracle Subscription Management can provide insights on account health, drawing from information related to finance, supply chain, and customer experience applications.

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If you want sellers to sell more, embrace AI


Today’s CRM isn’t cutting it your sales team. Learn why AI needs to be injected into your sales processes to help give intelligent recommendations so that sellers can do what they do best: sell and sell some more.

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America’s best loyalty programs


Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement customers have used the solution to offer some of "America’s Best Loyalty Programs."

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Katrina Gosek: 'Put customers at the heart of everything you do'


Put customers at the center of everything you do, including marketing, product development, customer service, sales, etc. How can you build something that your customers love and will continue to use if you are not using them as your blueprint?

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5 Qs with Rohan Arora on technology for improved consumer connect


Learn how Oracle customer Bausch + Lomb is using Oracle CX and Responsys Campaign Management to simplify the customer’s search for contact lenses and, in turn, helping them to understand their customers better.

Read the BWMarketing World article

Customer experience in 2025: Here’s where we’re heading


Chris McGugan, Oracle SVP and GM for Oracle Service, walks through how COVID-19 will continue to impact our "new normal" when it comes to customer service. It will all come down to digital customer experiences (CX), customer self-service, big changes for contact centers and their agents.

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Successful subscription models are like a well-choreographed dance


Katrina Gosek, Vice President of Product Portfolio Strategy, Oracle CX Sales and Commerce, explains how to successfully manage all the data—company-wide—to roll out and maintain a successful subscription management business model.

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5 reasons sellers want to ditch their traditional CRM


Traditional CRM systems are not cutting it anymore. There are five big reasons why according to recent research from Beagle Research. But there’s even more you can do to change that.

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Know when to use a headless CMS and when it’s not worth it


There are three examples of when a headless content management system (CMS) is a great choice, and three examples of when it’s not worth the investment.

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Oracle is turning into a cloud giant. Why its stock is a buy.


Oracle stock is rated as a buy by Barron’s. Called "a new giant" in cloud computing, Barron’s cover story is bullish on Oracle’s cloud software prospects.

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The disruptive Larry Ellison: Shatters tradition to reflect new cloud realities


Larry Ellison is reshaping the cloud software landscape by combining/integrating Oracle’s suite of CX cloud applications (sales, service, marketing) with Oracle Data Cloud products and changing the name of this new suite of cloud CX apps from "CX" to "Advertising and CX." And it is more—much more—than a simple name change or shuffling of words.

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Oracle’s reinvention


Oracle Customer Experience (CX) updated Oracle Marketing, Oracle Sales, and Oracle Service. Updated customer service features include those that support agent onboarding, enhanced agent consoles with conversational feeds, and holistic account views.

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Oracle announces new CX platform updates


Oracle Customer Experience (CX) updated Oracle Marketing, Oracle Sales, and Oracle Service. The updated B2B customer service capabilities include a new intuitive agent console and digital customer self-service features.

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Quarantining with my kids: A customer experience lab in my living room


The opportunity to watch your kids close up as they use technology is like running a customer experience (CX) lab right from the comfort of your couch. The future of CX is unfolding right before you. Here’s what Nate Skinner, senior VP of global marketing at Oracle, has learned.

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Oracle CX updates focus on loyalty tech, B2B selling, service


In a recent innovation showcase, Oracle announced updates to the Oracle Fusion Cloud CX suite, including features for B2B sales and customer service teams. Innovations that help customer service teams include agent-assist tools and digital self-service tools for automated, rapid customer service.

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Oracle announces a series of updates to its Cloud CX offering


Oracle announced the updates to Oracle Cloud Customer Experience (CX). New features been added to Oracle Sales, Oracle Service, and Oracle Marketing speed up sales cycles, resolve customer service inquiries faster, and enhance loyalty marketing initiatives with CDP integration.

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Oracle updates CX portfolio with new sales, marketing tools


Oracle announced updates to sales, service, and marketing cloud applications, including to its sales, service, and loyalty applications. Service cloud innovations include improvements to artificial intelligence, advanced knowledge management, digital assistant, and proactive guidance tools.

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How Bausch + Lomb adopted direct-to-consumer approach


Instead of depending on its sales channel, the eye healthcare firm is developing its own database of customers to track consumption trends, and using Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to reach out to those customers.

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Oracle CMO Ariel Kelman says 2021 will be about investing—and synchronizing—technology


Ariel Kelman, CMO of Oracle, spoke at Adweek Outlook 2021: The Year Ahead in Marketing and Media. During his presentation, he talked about why marketers need to integrate technology into every aspect of their businesses and sync up these new processes and tools.

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We’ll never 100 percent go back to the way marketing used to be: Oracle CMO Ariel Kelman


Ariel Kelman, CMO of Oracle, sat down ahead of Adweek Outlook 2021: The Year Ahead in Marketing and Media and discussed the shifts that Oracle has made to support data-driven advertising and marketing (Adtech and Martech) and what’s in store for marketers/agencies in the future.

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The best CRM systems of 2020 according to companies using them


SoftwareReview's latest customer rankings have been published in its Emotional Footprint Report on Customer Relationship Management. The report is based entirely on attitudinal data captured from verified owners of each CRM system reviewed. Oracle Sales reigns as one of the top four most popular CRM systems with their users, having the highest combined value index and net emotional footprint scores across all CRM vendors included in the study.

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Customer data platform growth continues to boom


Sales of customer data platform solutions have grown in 2020, because businesses are realizing that it’s important to use their data intelligently and efficiently, and CDPs help them do that. Oracle has invested heavily in CDP development.

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Businesses counting on new wave of AI-enabled tools to juice sales, reduce customer churn


Oracle is adding new AI features to cloud-based Oracle Sales, and has focused development cycles on AI-infused features to get functionality out to businesses quicker.

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Oracle helps organizations tackle B2B challenges


Sales and ecommerce leaders are using more than just CRM systems to support complex sales and ecommerce sales models. It takes a fully connected CRM solution with an integrated customer data platform (CDP) to improve the experience for both sellers and buyers.

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New solution from Oracle helps communications industry drive better CX


Oracle has announced a new cloud-based customer experience (CX) solution for the communications industry. Oracle Digital Experience for Communications captures and analyzes customer interaction data from CRM systems and back-office operations to help service providers better understand their customers’ unique buying behaviors and preferences. With this understanding, they can quickly launch compelling new offers and products, provide better customer service, and increase sales.

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Oracle helps organizations tackle B2B omnichannel sales and commerce challenges


Katrina Gosek, vice president of product portfolio strategy, Oracle CX Sales and Commerce, highlights the findings in Oracle’s newest research report, Getting Past the Breaking Point, and explains how businesses can use that insight to improve both the online (ecommerce) and offline buying and selling experience.

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How to maximize your email results this holiday season


Chad White, head of research at Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting shares insights on successful email strategies during the holiday—based on Oracle research.

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Larry Ellison discusses the future of office work and integrated applications


Larry Ellison, Oracle’s chairman and chief technology officer, shared insights and opinions during a recent discussion with Rob Tarkoff, the executive vice president who leads Oracle’s cloud customer experience (CX) business, which includes sales, marketing, customer service, and ecommerce cloud applications.

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Oracle adds sales, commerce tools to CX apps


Oracle has added new sales and ecommerce features to Cloud CX to bolster the virtual buying and selling experience in its duel with SAP.

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Oracle CX suite adds tools for sales teams, digital commerce


Oracle has updated both CRM and ecommerce applications as part of an update to Oracle Cloud CX including AI connections, interface upgrades, and more hooks into other CX applications and ERP systems that track inventory availability.

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Oracle’s Larry Ellison hosts ‘Future of CX’ event today and Salesforce is looking increasingly complex


Oracle has a plan to help businesses in every industry transform the customer experience. This plan is unique as, unlike Salesforce and other CX players that are only now starting to acquire the industry expertise required, Oracle has been focused on building extremely deep industry domain knowledge for many, many years.

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Oracle CX targets communications industry with new apps


Oracle released Digital Experience for Communications, a customized version of Oracle Cloud CX for the telecommunications industry that incorporates the company's customer data platform (CDP).

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Larry Ellison takes on Salesforce and SAP as Oracle intensifies CX battle


CRM is more than marketing cloud and sales cloud. It’s about data and a full suite of cloud applications that include CX, ERP, SCM, and the data to support it all.

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New study: 66% of sellers would rather clean the bathroom than update their CRM system


Outdated CRM systems are hurting sales teams’ productivity, and some are taking drastic measures, according to a new study conducted by CRM analyst firm Beagle Research Group in partnership with Oracle.

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Five aces to overcoming the pandemic for CMOs


Learn how two companies are using CX software from Oracle—marketing cloud, sales cloud, service cloud, and commerce cloud—to gain agility, remain adaptable, stay in alignment, remain authentic, and take the right actions.

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Q&A: How ABC Fine Wine & Spirits managed a 2,000 percent spike in ecommerce demand


With COVID-19, the ABC Fine Wine & Spirits had to manage a rapid jump in demand. The retailer created a new position and leaned into its partnership with Oracle to bring BOPIS, delivery and omnichannel capabilities up to speed in a hurry. The effort paid off, and ABC is continuing to refine its efforts amid positive customer response to its initial ecommerce pivot. Read more in the Q&A with VP and Chief Marketing Officer Sean Kelly.

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