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Continuous Protection for Every Transaction

Your enterprise applications work around the clock—shouldn’t your enterprise data protection? Most data-protection systems provide generic, file-level backup for enterprise data. Oracle’s unique Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is purpose-built to virtually eliminate data loss and enable you to quickly and easily recover critical data.

  • Groundbreaking data-protection architecture developed by the Oracle Database team explicitly for database recovery
  • Provides DVR-like functionality for the enterprise, virtually eliminating the risk of data loss and enabling recovery of protected databases to any point in time with subsecond accuracy
  • Accelerates database recovery by eliminating or automating up to 75 percent of the manual steps
  • Automates database recoverability reporting and alerts which may help enterprises meet compliance requirements
  • Designed, tested, managed, and supported as a single system to eliminate multivendor integration complexity, risks, and cost


  • Up to 6x faster database recoveries
  • Automatic validation of 100 percent of database backups
  • Up to 25 percent reduction in database server overhead
  • Base-rack, full-rack, and multirack configurations based on the proven Oracle Exadata system architecture
  • High-availability and high-capacity using Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) with 14 TB disk drives
  • Efficient delta store design with build-in storage compression reduces LAN backup traffic and appliance-based storage requirements
  • Integrated Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) catalog management for appliance and tape-resident data
  • End-to-end validation of Oracle Database blocks and periodic revalidation and error correction
  • Integrated changed-block replication minimizes WAN network usage
  • Time consuming backup validation, deletion, and maintenance operations are offloaded from production database servers, freeing their resources and reducing costs


  • Highly available, scalable architecture with no single point of failure
  • 1.5 PB to 170 PB of usable full backup capacity
  • 24 TB/hour single-rack backup and restore performance, scalable to 432 TB/hour

Product Features

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Policy-based data protection management

Multiple, user-defined classes of recovery goals are enforced on a per-database basis on the appliance and through integrated support for autonomous tape archival and replication to remote Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliances.

Real-time Oracle redo transport

Transaction-level data from Oracle Databases is sent directly from database server memory to the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance where it is logged to provide subsecond recoverability.

Incremental-forever backups

Incremental-forever backups and database aware deduplication reduce backup windows from hours to minutes and reduce and cut data-storage requirements by up to 65 percent, enabling longer backup retention at lower costs.

Rapid database recovery

Virtual full backups created on the appliance eliminate the need for multiple incremental restore and apply cycles during a recovery, accelerating performance and reducing the chance of human error.

Security designed-in

Data secured with Transparent Database Encryption is never unencrypted, and administrative separation of duties prevents access to data stored by other organizations.

Unified management

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control gives you a complete, end-to-end view of the data-protection lifecycle and full control of Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance’s automation capabilities.

Exelon Eliminates Data Loss for a 1 Petabyte Data Warehouse


“One of the great benefits of the Recovery Appliance is that we don't have to do full backups anymore. Those backups are about 50 times faster than they used to be, so we don't have that load on the servers anymore.”

Finn Jorgenson, Lead Database Administrator, Exelon Corporation

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