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Improve Worker Safety with the Internet of Things

Ensure worker health and safety, achieve better regulatory compliance, and gain real-time visibility into worker health, location, and work environment with Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Worker Cloud.

IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud

Worker Safety

Gain real-time visibility into work environments right at your fingertips.

Diagnostic Analytics

Identify patterns by correlating incidents with environmental, equipment, and personnel data.

Better Compliance

Improve regulatory adherence through accident prevention using wearable and proximity sensors.

Human Capital Management and Project Management Integration

Manage workplace incidents to improve wellness, and automate time and labor tracking to enhance productivity.

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Product Features

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Boost Worker Safety

    Track Worker Location

  • Monitor worker location in hazardous environments.
  • Reduce Safety Violations

  • Sense and proactively alert workers as they approach hazards.
  • Leverage Built-in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Leverage built-in KPIs for projects, incidents, and workers.
  • Support Wearables

  • Onboard rapidly with built-in support for wearables.
  • Reduce Time to Muster

  • Locate workers in real time and broadcast notifications requiring receipt acknowledgement.

Ensure Safety Compliance


  • Control access to restricted areas using geo-fenced boundaries.
  • Notify

  • Notify affected personnel and superiors using push notifications.
  • Act

  • Act on detected events using rules-based actions.

Integrate with HCM and Project Management


    • Import project data from Oracle Prime and other project management applications.
    • Automate

    • Automatically create safety incidents in Oracle Workforce Health and Safety Incidents Cloud and other HCM applications.
    • Manage Time

    • Automate check-in's, check out's, and breaks based on real-time positioning data.

Analyze Worksite Performance

    Gain Insights

  • Gain deeper insights into incidents and contributing factors.
  • Compare

  • Leverage comparative analytics across incidents, workers, and projects.
  • Improve

  • Evaluate safety policies in context of insights gained.
  • Increase Efficiency

  • Analyze movement patterns and dwell times to enable better resource allocation.
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