Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Manufacturing product tours

Explore how you’d use our products on a daily basis in these product tours that showcase key features and benefits.

Supply Chain Planning
Supply Chain Planning product tours

Optimize your demand and supply plans with automated planning, scenario modeling, and machine learning guided problem resolution to drive better planning results, improved accuracy, and profitability.

Procurement product tours

Standardize, streamline, and automate the source-to-pay process for direct or indirect procurement. Lower costs by selecting the best suppliers, enforcing policy, and managing supplier risk.

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Inventory Management
Inventory Management product tours

Gain full visibility and control of the flow of goods across your global supply network. Optimize inventory, service levels, and working capital; decrease costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing product tours

Increase the quality and production efficiency of your discrete, process or mixed-mode manufacturing, and project-based products, all in one solution.

Maintenance product tour

Increase reliability and uptime of your equipment and assets while reducing overall maintenance costs.

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Order Management
Order Management product tours

Deliver an optimal order fulfillment experience by providing your customers with omnichannel order capture, orchestration, and fulfillment.

Product Lifecycle Management
Product Lifecycle Management product tours

Connect the product value chain to help you drive faster, high-quality innovations. Align new product development and introduction with growth and sustainability objectives.

Service Logistics
Service Logistics product tours

Connect service delivery to your supply chain with Oracle Fusion Cloud Service Logistics to deliver effective and efficient service while optimizing parts logistics and profitability.

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