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Business Analytics
Power All Actions to be Data Driven with Analytics

Leverage cloud-based visualization, predictive analytics, and machine learning to uncover hidden business insights.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

comprehensive analytics

The most comprehensive analytics in the cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a single platform that empowers your entire organization to ask any question of any data in any environment on any device.



Visual Stories
Capture insights and comments to create interactive stories you can share across the organization

Analytics Everywhere
Embed insights into the day-to-day experience of others in preferred applications and portals

What-If Analysis
Rapidly collaborate on the analytic data, including modeling multiple assumptions and their effect on the business

Formalize collaboration and share approved models across a wide audience

Enterprise Class

Enterprise Class

Business Model Layer
Easily build a semantic layer or use existing on-premises models to leverage business definitions in all your analytics

Interactive Dashboards
Configurable dashboards enable you to quickly analyze and manage activity across the entire system

Advanced Analytics
Select interactive visualizations and automatically create advanced calculations to reveal the insights in your data

Machine Learning Flexibility
Predict outcomes and augment decisions no matter where data lives. Access on premises and cloud data without moving it



Resources can be scaled to adjust for the changing nature of your workloads

Automated Administration
Deploy patches and create/restore backups at a click of a button

Process Automation
Automate life cycle management tasks using RESTful APIs to implement reusable and repeated processes

Fast Setup
Immediately create environments to speed deployment



Intuitive Visual Interaction
A simple, seamless experience removes the boundaries between discovery and display, making it easy to see your data, work with visualizations, and create compelling stories

Powerful Mobile
Self-learning mobile app infuses data-driven insights into daily activities and also leverages voice capabilities to obtain answers

Smart Insights
Automated visual insights highlight points of interest in the data prior to direct user interaction

Self-Service Data Preparation
Quickly connect to the data you want, then easily prepare and blend data in dynamic data flows


Oracle Analytics Cloud—Standard

Features Key Capabilities
Data discovery, data preparation, and data visualization capabilities across web, desktop, and mobile.

40+ data sources, including direct connectivity to SaaS, databases, big data and NoSQL, and generic ODBC/JDBC

Unified catalog and search across all data

Easy self-service data preparation and blending

Fast, fluid self-service data discovery, visualization, and storyboarding

Automatic visualization of insights and one-click advanced analytics

Visualization via Oracle Synopsis mobile app and on the desktop (for 50 users per OCPU)

Easy what-if scenario modeling with data visualization and Microsoft Excel-based consumption


Oracle Analytics Cloud—Data Lake

Features Key Capabilities
Everything in Standard Edition, plus support for creating scalable data flows, including ingestion, transformation, and persistence. Data flows can be executed on Apache Spark or Oracle Database Cloud.

Seamless provisioning and management with Oracle Big Data Cloud

Easy definition of data ingestion, preparation, transformation, and persistence using Oracle Analytics Cloud data flows

Data transformation at scale leveraging Apache Spark

Connectivity to on-premises data lakes

Sandboxing and partitions to external sources for Oracle Essbase


Oracle Analytics Cloud—Enterprise

Features Key Capabilities
Everything in Data Lake Edition, plus the Day by Day mobile app and support for a full semantic layer that enables classic OBIEE lift and shift, as well as live, optimized connectivity to on-premises data warehouses.

Single source of truth for important enterprise data using a semantic layer

Personalized search and visualization that provides responses customized to the user

Drag-and-drop blending between self-service data and enterprise data

Simple yet sophisticated data modeling to support enterprise business definitions and analysis

Proactive, self-learning insights via Day by Day, a native mobile app integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud

Optimized connectivity to on-premises data warehouses using Remote Data Connector

Self-service visualization on OBI data models through lift and shift of OBI data models, reports, and dashboards to the cloud

Leveraging Oracle Business Analytics has helped our firm improve timely information sharing and decision making by centralizing our diverse operational data into a secure and comprehensive integrated solution that is accessible by our global user base. Oracle’s approach enables the end user to combine and explore a large variety of data sources, and provides the flexibility to support our diverse user needs.
—Greg Vlahos, GM BI-EPM, Sierra-Cedar
Oracle Business Analytics embraces the emerging hybrid data management and analytics architecture, combined with self-service data access and analysis. These capabilities combined with our assets make Accenture well-positioned to support and deliver solutions that enable our clients to use information as a competitive advantage.
—Mattias Wohlen, Managing Director, Accenture
Red Pill Analytics
Red Pill Analytics
Easy-to-use, self-service BI? Check. Curated, standardized data that scales? Check. All on the same platform? Double-check. No one can touch Oracle's ability to deliver an end-to-end platform for data and analytics.
— Kevin McGinley, Owner and Co-Founder, Red Pill Analytics
We just completed our annual "State of Business Analytics" survey for 2017 and respondents overwhelmingly are adopting Oracle solutions as they make their move to the Cloud. With over 1,000 customers on Oracle's analytics cloud solutions already, Oracle's market dominance will be difficult for any competitors to overcome.”
—Edward Roske, CEO, interRel
It is refreshing to see that we can expand our relationship with Oracle Business Analytics. As a longtime Oracle partner, having this type of transparency is important to maintain. Knowing that we are able to use this technology in all kinds of environments and that Oracle keeps heavily investing in their technology, allows us to deliver cutting edge services.
—Leander van Dongen, CEO, Business Intelligence, Aortabi
Edgewater Ranzal
Edgewater Ranzal
The synergy we have by partnering with Oracle Business Analytics is proven as we continue to deliver results to our customers, time and time again. As we innovate our offerings including traditional BI, visualization, predictive analytics and performance management the foundation is solid to get our customers closer to the advanced analytics they need to drive the business.
—Robin Ranzal Knowles, President, Edgewater Ranzal
The Oracle Enterprise Business Analytics platform embraces the emerging hybrid data management and analytics architecture, as well as delivers self-service data access, reporting and analysis. These capabilities make Deloitte well-positioned to support our clients informational needs and take advantage of new and existing market opportunities as we invest in solutions that leverage Deloitte’s deep industry and domain experience using Oracle’s Business Analytics platform.
—Rich Solari, Managing Director, Deloitte
Vlamis Software Solutions
Vlamis Software Solutions
Many of our customers want scalable business analytics solutions that they can manage and customize themselves, independently from their IT departments. With Oracle Business Analytics, we can deliver customized visualizations that target specific business needs and a service that can scale all the way to the enterprise level, on a platform that will be around for many years.
—Dan Vlamis, President, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.

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