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Oracle Functions Is Now Generally Available

Write, deploy, and run code without having to provision, manage, or scale servers.



Oracle Functions is a managed service, so you don’t have to worry about availability. There are no servers to provision and manage. The platform autoscales functions.



With Oracle Functions, you can code in your favorite programming language, use popular frameworks, and easily install native libraries.

Pay Per Use

Pay Per Use

You only pay for functions when they are executed, and nothing for idle time. This is a great model, especially for event driven, intermittent, or spiky workloads.

Product Features

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Built on Open Source

Unlike many proprietary options, Oracle Functions is an open platform built on the Apache 2.0 licensed Fn Project and Docker, and supports CNCF CloudEvents. Customers can choose to deploy functions to the fully serverless and elastic Oracle Functions, or to self-managed Fn clusters running on premises or on any cloud. With Fn, developers can create functions on their laptop and deploy to the cloud.

Container Native

Unlike most functions platforms, Oracle Functions is container native: All functions are packaged as Docker images. This provides a highly productive developer experience for new users. It also provides greater control for power users, who can fully customize their function runtime environment, including installing any required native libraries.

Integrated and Secure

Oracle Functions is fully integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, making it easy to build powerful cloud native solutions. All access—including functions management, invocation, and access to other cloud resources—is controlled by Oracle Identity and Access Management policies. All access, including functions management, invocation, and access to other cloud resources is controlled by Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies.

Elastic Pricing

Serverless functions change the economic model while a function is running; there is no charge for idle time. Customers only pay for resources used while a function is running and there is no charge for idle time. Elastic pricing makes Oracle Functions an ideal platform for intermittent workloads or workloads with spiky usage patterns.

Invocation Pricing

Pay as You Go Monthly Flex Metric
First 2 million per month Free Free Function invocation
Over 2 million per month US$0.0000002 US$0.0000002 Function invocation

Execution Time Pricing

Pay as You Go Monthly Flex Metric
First 400,000 per month Free Free Gigabyte memory-seconds
Over 400,000 per month US$0.00001417 US$0.00001417 Gigabyte memory-seconds


“Combining Oracle Functions with the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database gives us new ways to help our clients unlock even more value from their data.”

—Chris Pasternak, Managing Director, North America Oracle Technology Lead, Accenture



“We are running machine learning and back-end applications on top of Oracle Functions, and this helps us save budget and improve our product quality. The pay-per-use pricing model is very flexible and attractive for both startups and large enterprises.”

—Andrej Baranovskij, CEO and Technical Oracle Expert, Red Samurai Consulting

“Oracle Functions is a very good fit for our bursty workload. It allows our Java functions to be executed on-demand and we only pay for what we use without worrying about scalability and availability.”

—Johan Vos, CTO, Gluon

“Using Oracle Events and Functions, we can respond to specific events from Oracle Object Storage... and trigger functions that fan out information to other systems. This game-changing application architecture has considerably reduced our costs.”

—Rolando Carrasco, Modern Development and API Management Architect, S & P Solutions, Mexico

“Utilizing Oracle Functions reduces costs significantly while letting us operate Oracle Cloud's high-performance infrastructure.”

—Daisuke Higashi, Manager, R&D Office, Cloudii from Atomitech

“With Oracle Functions, polyglot serverless capability has arrived in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, allowing developers to deploy code in their preferred language without hassle. No infrastructure to be designed and configured, no complex deployment hoops to be jumped through.”

—Lucas Jellema, CTO, AMIS

“We can develop and test locally, roll out new releases within seconds, and easily execute code on Oracle Cloud. Oracle Functions improves development efficiency, agility, and continuity, and gives us more time to address business challenges.”

—Sven Bernhardt, Senior Solution Architect, Opitz Consulting


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