VM Cloud Migration

Oracle Cloud Migrations enables customers to migrate virtual machines to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute instances. It helps customers eliminate manual migration tasks and ultimately reduce errors in asset discovery and migration planning and execution.

How virtual machine cloud migrations works

How Cloud Migrations works diagram, details below
The diagram shows five phases: Connect and Discover, Build Inventory, Assess and Plan, Replicate, and finally Launch. Connect and Discover phase. Step 1: Install the Remote Agent Appliance. Step 2: Register with Oracle Cloud Migrations and discover assets whose metadata and metrics are sent to Inventory. Build Inventory phase. Step 3: Annotate and group assets to represent applications or line of business. Step 4: Analyze assets and scope projects. Assess and Plan phase. Step 5: Migrations analyzes metrics, assesses compatibility, recommends shapes, and gives cost estimates. Step 6: You evaluate the recommendations and map remote assets to target OCI resources. Replicate phase. Step 7: Full or incremental snapshots are captured and uploaded from the source environments to OCI Object Storage and then converted to OCI Block Volumes. Launch phase. Step 8: Execution plans are generated as Terraform code. Step 9: Deploy and launch migrated assets leveraging OCI Resource Manager.

OCTOBER 6, 2022

Introducing Oracle Cloud Migrations

Stephen Cross, Director Product Management, Ops

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Oracle Cloud Migrations service, expanding the range of migration tools and services for workload migration with native support to move virtual machines (VMs) from on-premises environments and other clouds to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

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Get started with VM Cloud Migrations

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