intomarkets exceeds expectations for banking client with Contextual Intelligence

German advertising agency helps major European bank capitalize on trending content by optimizing campaign results with Oracle Contextual Intelligence.


Thanks to Contextual Intelligence, our whole team is electrified and has received a massive boost in motivation. It’s just fun to work with Oracle because we achieve such great results, which we’re proud to present to our clients.

Ali Reza AmirmostofianHead of Ad-Tech Sales and Strategy, intomarkets

Business challenges

Founded in 2016, intomarkets GmbH is a German full-service agency with a focus on Amazon Advertising. Right before peak travel season, a well-known European bank approached intomarkets for help in strengthening its brand presence, visibility, and overall customer interactions to gain new customers. For intomarkets, the goal was to capture the attention of potential credit card applicants, drive them to the banking client’s website, and gather as many new credit applications as possible.

However, the highly competitive credit card market has many popular issuers that offer unique offerings and deals. Recognizing this saturated ad environment, intomarkets decided to reach new customers in areas where the frequency of credit card offers is low. The hope was that by extending the reach into new digital environments, the acceptance of the banking client’s offers would be much higher.

Compared to all other ads served throughout the campaign, intomarkets saw an 83% higher reach with ads served through Oracle Contextual Intelligence.

Why intomarkets chose Oracle

intomarkets selected Oracle Contextual Intelligence, part of the Advertising and Customer Experience suite, because of the tool’s ability to advertise without the need for first-party data, while complying with data privacy regulations. Instead of solely relying on data from major demand-side platforms, the company understood the value of context-based advertising as a future-proof strategy and an opportunity to serve ads in more strategic areas.

Oracle Contextual Intelligence uses standard segments and creates custom contextual segments, which was a deciding factor for intomarkets. Being able to pair these segments with powerful, trending content provided a huge confidence boost that the company’s ads were impactful and being served in the right environments before any competition moved in.


Thanks to Oracle Contextual Intelligence, intomarkets saw impressive results for its banking client after just a few days. At the start of the campaign, Contextual Intelligence was used in just two out of seven line items—categories detailing how ads are served—as a testing period. The company served 94 million impressions during the campaign and generated 128,000 clicks on those ads. The two Oracle line items alone generated more than 54% of the impressions and over 44% of the clicks. The banking client was so happy with the quick results that it switched the test campaign with Contextual Intelligence to always-on.

In this extended campaign, Oracle’s line items generated 83% higher reach compared to the other ads being served and, again, nearly half of all clicks. While achieving the best conversion rates, the Contextual Intelligence ads also provided the intomarkets client with cost efficiencies of nearly 50%, with a CPM of €0.17 compared to the campaign average of €0.33.

The dynamic AI capabilities of Contextual Intelligence allowed intomarkets to serve ads for its banking client alongside trending content, such as online payments, travel, and shopping. This helped the company reach potential customers in a competitive landscape of credit card providers. It also made good use of ad spend by serving relevant ads in new digital environments before the competition was able to bid, keeping the price low.

The banking client was so impressed with the results that it plans to roll out similar campaigns using Contextual Intelligence in additional markets across Europe. After seeing unexpectedly high conversion rates and overwhelmingly positive feedback from the banking client, intomarkets plans to use Oracle Contextual Intelligence as standard for all campaigns in the future.

Published:12 август 2022 г.

About the customer

Founded in 2016, intomarkets GmbH is a German full-service agency and an Amazon Ads Advanced Partner. It specializes in helping brands increase traffic, boost awareness, and generate sales on the Amazon Marketplace and the Amazon extended network via the Amazon DSP. It offers a suite of services from SEO and targeting strategies to content creation and consulting.