NAMUGA targets growth in AR and VR markets with Oracle Cloud

The leading camera technology company gains the scalable technology it needs for business growth while cutting IT management costs by 90%.


After migrating to OCI, we reduced costs by 90% and maintenance issues have fallen, so we can now focus more on the business than before.

Byoung-Tae MoonIT Senior Manager, NAMUGA

Business challenges

Based in Korea with a production site in Vietnam, NAMUGA supplies high-value IT parts such as cameras and OIS actuators to leading domestic and overseas customers using smart factory operations and automation facility infrastructure.

The company’s 3D sensing camera technology is also leading the market, supporting the evolution of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions. The rollout of 5G networks worldwide, which will support more AR and VR devices, is expected to accelerate the demand for NAMUGA technology.

As NAMUGA’s business continued to grow, the demands placed on its IT systems became increasingly problematic. The company began to run out of space to install more servers and networking technology in its data center, which made it difficult to support business growth and new opportunities effectively. NAMUGA decided it needed to move to the cloud to overcome the scalability challenges with its on-premises IT environment.

NAMUGA had peace of mind that a business-critical migration to the cloud would be a success with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Why NAMUGA chose Oracle

A longtime Oracle customer, NAMUGA ran Oracle E-Business Suite in its on-premises data center to support day-to-day operations. Highly satisfied with Oracle EBS, the company wanted to move to a cloud that could maintain the suite’s same high level of performance.

The company looked to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which offers next-generation cloud services for the most critical workloads. NAMUGA considered OCI as the most suitable cloud for Oracle EBS, ensuring stable and scalable performance while lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

OCI also offered NAMUGA access to Oracle Enterprise Database Service to maximize the performance of its cloud applications. The company would also be able to use management tools to monitor, analyze, and manage OCI-based applications at a granular level.

NAMUGA cut IT management costs by 90% by running its critical systems on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


By moving Oracle EBS to OCI, NAMUGA gained scalable IT performance to enable business growth and expansion. The switch from on-premises to OCI also helped the company reduce management and maintenance costs by 90%, which freed up resources for investment back into the business.

Plus, with zero downtime to date, OCI gave NAMUGA’s staff the reliability they depend on to complete business tasks without delays.

NAMUGA is looking at data integration and data analysis services on OCI to add to its cloud technology stack. In the future, NAMUGA is planning the migration of other legacy IT systems to OCI.

Published:19 август 2022 г.

About the customer

Launched in 2004, NAMUGA has developed a global network of research and development centers and has production sites in South Korea and Vietnam.