Piramidal’s sales team gains autonomy with Oracle Sales Cloud

The thermoplastic resin provider achieves task optimization and automation for sales representatives using Oracle Sales Cloud.


Piramidal has gained time to innovate, inspire, and transform. The needs of the customers are heard, and solutions are created based on them. Among the next steps is the adoption of artificial intelligence to support business.

Wilson CataldiFounding Partner and Managing Director, Piramidal

Business challenges

Founded over 35 years ago, Piramidal is a Brazilian leader in the thermoplastics distribution market, offering a portfolio of resins with a focus on innovation. The company serves more than 2,500 customers monthly and operates 10 state-of-the-art distribution centers throughout the region.

Piramidal faced challenges related to the digitization of sales processes. The company wanted to reduce manual work performed by the sales team and offer more flexibility and independence to the commercial area so that each sales representative could have greater control and visibility into the company’s portfolio.

With real-time information coming from reports and metrics, Piramidal’s sales employees know if they are on track to achieve their goals.

Why Piramidal chose Oracle

Piramidal conducted a careful analysis of different software providers and concluded that Oracle Sales Cloud was best-suited to the company's needs, especially for its system functionalities and presales support.


Oracle Sales Cloud enabled Piramidal to eliminate much of the manual work done by sales representatives, optimize processes, and automate administrative tasks. As a result, 95% of sales orders are issued by the salespeople themselves—rather than auxiliary support staff—and at a much faster rate. Thus, the sales team can dedicate more time to dealing with customers, understanding their needs, and offering the best products.

Additionally, with real-time information coming from reports and metrics, sales employees know if they are on track to achieve their goals and can adjust course if necessary.

With the process optimization generated by Oracle Sales Cloud, Piramidal gained time to innovate and transform its business, and the company can meet the needs of its customers with greater agility. All this positions the company as a full-service provider for the industry, which directly affects partners, employees, and customers.


Piramidal selected Infinity as its partner to carry out the implementation of Oracle Sales Cloud.

Published:November 18, 2022

About the customer

Piramidal started its business in a garage in São Bernardo do Campo recycling plastic material. Today, more than 35 years later, the company has hundreds of employees, ecommerce capability, and 10 state-of-the-art distribution centers serving customers throughout the region.