За съжаление, не можахме да намерим съвпадение за вашето търсене.

Предлагаме да опитате следното, за да намерите това, което търсите:

  • Проверете правописа на Вашата ключова дума за търсене.
  • Използвайте синоними за въведената ключова дума, например опитайте “приложение” вместо “софтуер”.
  • Стартирайте ново търсене.

Data enrichment and in-game ad measurement

Consumer attention has never been more fragmented. But you can make an impression by delivering highly relevant, personalized messages in the most engaging environments. Oracle Advertising helps you improve personalization through data enrichment. And the Moat measurement platform allows you to leverage the newest and most engaging advertising environments by setting the industry standard for in-game ad measurement.

Industry first: In-game measurement for 3D advertisements

The gaming industry continues to grow, and you have an opportunity to reach gaming consumers within the digital environments they enjoy. But up until now, understanding the effectiveness of in-game advertising has been difficult, if not impossible. Oracle Moat offers in-game advertising measurement that can help you evaluate whether your ad budgets are positioned for success.

Through a collaboration with integration partners, Anzu, Bidstack, Frameplay, and Adverty, Oracle Moat allows you to measure general invalid traffic (GIVT) for in-game environments, including in-game 3D advertising across PCs, consoles, mobile, web, and virtual reality (VR). This is a crucial first step to measuring more elements of the in-game ad experience, including viewability and ad effectiveness.

In-game measurement unlocks value for brands and gaming companies

In-game measurement unlocks value for brands and gaming companies.

  • Understand general invalid traffic (GIVT) of in-game ad environments, including ads served on 3D surfaces.
  • Make more informed investment decisions within gaming environments.
  • Create a foundation to measure in-game advertising that can grow to measure more attributes, such as viewability.
  • Develop a basis for industry standards within 3D gaming environments.

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Improve customer experiences with enhanced consumer insights

When you deeply understand your customers and their behaviors, you can craft messages that engage them in the right ways, in the right moments. That’s why maximizing the value of your owned customer insights and first-party data is more important than ever. By improving the richness of your data, you can improve advertising and marketing effectiveness. Oracle Advertising helps you add depth and breadth to your first-party data by enriching your customer profiles with a comprehensive set of consumer attributes, characteristics, and demographics.

You may have a database full of customers who have signed up for your newsletter or signed into an account on your website, but you don’t know much about them. Oracle’s data enrichment improves your understanding of these customers by adding demographic data to each profile, along with information about their buying behavior and other helpful clues about their lifestyle or identity, such as “healthy lifestyle” or ”young professional.” These insights help you understand more about the type of content and experiences that resonate with your customers. You can also build customer segments based on these attributes or acquisition programs aimed at finding more customers who are likely to be interested in your products.

Complete and enriched data delivers value.

  • Create meaningful customer experiences by personalizing your advertising and marketing activities.
  • Deliver more relevant messaging and content across channels.
  • Develop precisely targeted segments for your campaigns.
  • Create a true customer 360-degree view with a wide array of known customer attributes.
Complete and enriched data delivers value

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In-game measurement tips

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