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Връзка с нас Вход в Oracle Cloud

Oracle Database Free

Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release is the same, powerful Oracle Database that businesses throughout the world rely on. It offers a full-featured experience and is packaged for ease of use and simple download—for free.

Oracle Database Free benefits (1:27)

Whether you are a developer, a data scientist, a DBA, an educator, or just interested in databases, Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release is the ideal way to get started. It provides native support for all modern data types, analytics, and the latest development paradigms—all built into one product.

“Developers are the most important constituency in tech decision-making today. Therefore, getting tools into their hands with a minimum of friction is more important than ever. Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release is designed to remove obstacles to developer access, allowing devs to define the ecosystem without requiring permission. This is a radical departure for Oracle.”

James Governor Analyst and Co-founder, RedMonk

What’s included in Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release?

The complete developer functionality of Oracle’s converged database, plus the following:

JSON Relational Duality

Build apps in either relational or JSON paradigms with a single source of truth and benefit from the strengths of both—relational and document models. Data is stored once but can be accessed, written, and modified with either approach.

JavaScript stored procedures

Create high performance, data-driven apps by writing JavaScript stored procedures (powered by GraalVM) and importing existing JavaScript libraries into the database. Minimize round trips to the database by executing business logic directly in the data tier.

JSON Schemas

Use industry-standard JSON Schemas to ensure only valid data is inserted into a JSON column.

Property Graphs

Find and analyze relationships, predict trends, and discover lightning-fast insights using database-native property graphs views. Use new SQL-standard property graph queries to run graph analytics on top of relational and JSON data.

SQL Domains

Bring domain knowledge closer to the data by describing the intended use of data centrally and ensuring data is handled consistently across applications.


Annotate common data model attributes for tables, columns, views, indexes, and more, providing a central, lightweight, declarative facility to register and exchange usage properties across apps.


  • Up to 12 GB of user data
  • Up to 2 GB of database RAM
  • Up to 2 CPU threads

Why use Oracle Database Free?

Looking for the right database for your next development project? Learn more about Oracle Database using the Oracle Database Free.

  • Connect Oracle Database to your favorite programming languages and dev environments, including Java, Python, Node.js, Go, .NET, PHP, C/C++, and more.

  • Learn SQL on the world's leading relational database and get to know Oracle's native support for JSON documents, Graph, and Spatial data.

  • Reduce complex analysis to declarative SQL statements with Oracle’s industry-leading advanced analytics capabilities.

  • Install free Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) to REST-enable your database.

  • Run Oracle APEX for low-code app development at no extra cost to rapidly build data-centric web apps that look beautiful in mobile and desktop browsers.

APRIL 3, 2023

Introducing Oracle Database 23c Free – Developer Release

Gerald Venzl, Senior Director of Product Manager, Oracle

Oracle Database 23c Free – Developer Release is a new, free offering of the industry-leading Oracle Database that enterprises worldwide rely on every day. It can be downloaded straight from the Internet with no oracle.com user account or license click-through requirements, enabling simple and fast access to the world’s only converged database that supports all data models and workload types.