За съжаление, не можахме да намерим съвпадение за вашето търсене.

Предлагаме да опитате следното, за да намерите това, което търсите:

  • Проверете правописа на Вашата ключова дума за търсене.
  • Използвайте синоними за въведената ключова дума, например опитайте “приложение” вместо “софтуер”.
  • Стартирайте ново търсене.

Life Sciences

Accelerate the development and launch of new drugs, devices, and therapies with market-leading tools and data-driven guidance. Discover solutions designed to unify data from clinical trials, streamline and automate safety case management, generate real-world evidence from unique data sets, and guide brand strategy with commercial insights.

Supporting more than250Kclinical trials to date

Real-world data set with more than100Mpatients

Processing more than10Msafety cases

Industry recognition with more than1,500scientific publications

Life Sciences solutions

Discover solutions designed to help life sciences organizations unify data from preclinical planning, clinical trial conduct, streamlined and automated safety management, market access and brand strategy, through to post-launch performance activities, while strengthening business operations.

Strategic support for your preclinical and early phase planning

Data, tools, and guidance to identify and prioritize opportunities and optimize clinical trial planning.

Deliver reliable clinical trial planning forecasts and budgets

Reduce your trial planning time by 80% and deliver accurate, on-time, and achievable forecasts based on industry benchmarks.
Explore ClearTrial

Incorporate the voice of the patient into clinical trial design

Use patients’ real-life experiences to strengthen clinical trial protocols and regulatory impact.
Explore Voices to Trials (PDF)

Understand the natural history of a disease

Understand progression of disease, subpopulations, and endpoints through a patient registry or cohort study.
Explore patient registries

Assess opportunities with reliable epidemiology data

Gain accurate, comprehensive analysis on the incidence, distribution, and control of diseases.
Explore epidemiology

Manage and prioritize your oncology assets

Leverage oncology-specific data and expertise to help you prioritize your pipeline and optimize your portfolio.
Explore oncology consulting

Navigate the unique environment of rare disease product development

Access customized consulting services to inform decisions when developing treatments for rare diseases.
Explore rare disease consulting

Identify, qualify, and prioritize potential in/out licensing candidates

Evaluate in/out licensing opportunities and the commercial potential for pharma assets.
Explore business development and licensing

Enhance data quality, increase efficiency, and drive innovation

Technology to meet the demands of today's clinical research and drug safety, ensuring innovation is at the forefront in clinical trial execution.

Improve clinical operations

Improve productivity by automating and reporting on clinical trial operations data across all study management processes.
Explore Siebel Clinical Trial Management System

Accelerate study startup with integrated workflow

Select and activate sites in record time while monitoring key milestones to keep budgets and timelines on track.
Explore clinical study startup solutions

Streamline randomization and trial supply management (RTSM)

Take back control and shave weeks off your initial study build and ongoing mid-study changes.
Explore RTSM

Make faster, better safety decisions

Relieve the pressure of growing caseloads while maintaining compliance with regulations and standards by automating safety case management.
Explore Argus—safety case management

Unify data and save time

Collect data sets from any source and harmonize them in one place to draw valuable clinical insights.
Explore Clinical One Data Collection

Uncover trial issues faster with a single source of truth

Automatically reconcile data and maintain complete traceability with one source for clinical trial data.
Explore clinical data management

Automate your safety case processing

Reduce processing time by 50% while improving accuracy and compliance through AI-powered digital case intake.
Explore Safety One Intake

Develop and implement effective brand strategies

Insights to guide your decision-making, from strategic planning to launch optimization and beyond.

Develop effective brand strategies and assess their impact

Get expert analytics and consultancy to help you optimize brand performance.
Explore brand and marketing strategy

Enable confident decision-making with commercial insights

Use evidence and insights about your market’s size, potential, dynamics, and key success factors.
Explore commercial insights

Understand the needs and motivations of key stakeholders

Uncover the experiences, needs, and expectations of patients, physicians, and payers.
Explore patient, physician, and payer insights

Get specialized guidance to support success in oncology

Leverage oncology-specific data, insights, and consultancy to support successful commercialization.
Explore oncology consulting

Manage the challenges of commercializing rare disease products

Use holistic, evidence-based consulting to guide the commercialization of treatments for rare diseases.
Explore rare disease consulting

Assess and manage your corporate reputation

Take advantage of evidence-based solutions to measure stakeholder perceptions of your company.
Explore corporate reputation assessment

Access syndicated and subscription reports and insights

Use readily available research and data to support market analysis and commercial decision-making.
Explore syndicated reports and insights

Identify, substantiate, and communicate a compelling value proposition

Shape crucial market choices and value substantiation with the depth and breadth of integrated clinical EHRs, claims, and patient reported outcome data, backed by analytical and therapy area expertise.

Develop the optimal evidence strategy to achieve market access

Get guidance and insights to develop strong value and pricing strategies for enduring treatment access.
Explore market access

Generate compelling evidence with real-world data and analytics

Gain data and evidence for a comprehensive view of patients globally.
Explore real-world data analysis

Use patient-reported outcomes to assess disease burden and impact

Access expansive, proprietary databases to help demonstrate product value and differentiation.
Explore patient-reported outcomes

Confidently detect, analyze, and manage safety signals

Automate safety signal detection with proven algorithms developed by world-class statisticians and data scientists.
Explore Empirica—safety signal management

Deepen your patient understanding with real-world qualitative research

Uncover patient insights to improve study design, support claims, and strengthen dossiers.
Explore real-world qualitative research

Measure stakeholder preferences to strengthen your value proposition

Identify and quantify the preferences of patients, physicians, caregivers, and payers.
Explore stakeholder preferences studies

Demonstrate product effectiveness, safety, and value with non-interventional studies

Use observational research to define, substantiate, and communicate treatment value.
Explore non-interventional studies

Rethink the possible. Stay at the forefront of clinical research and safety solutions with our Innovation Series webinars.

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Raji Modi, Senior Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Oracle

Renowned medical expert Sir John Bell engaged in a fascinating conversation with Oracle to discuss the challenges in improving global health outcomes. As a leading figure in the life sciences industry and Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University, he shared his insight on the transformative potential of new medical tools, the importance of digital advancements, and the game-changing implications of Oracle's acquisition of Cerner.

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