Integrated Network Monitoring and Observability

Networking connects your users and applications, your cloud environment and data centers, and even different cloud providers. You need simple and effective insights to keep your network functioning.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) includes powerful capabilities—free to use—that enable you to visualize, measure, and diagnose your network, from the simplex to the complex. You’ll find everything you need in OCI Network Command Center in the OCI console.

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August 24, 2023

Take control of your networks with the OCI network monitoring kit

Amit Seth, Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Sandeep Manohar Nirikhi, Director, Product Management, Oracle

A typical enterprise has workloads spread across multiple facilities, cloud providers, and geographies. But as complex as these systems are, your users expect frictionless access to your applications, no matter where they are. You need highly flexible, performant, secure, and easy-to-manage networks to meet their needs. If you’re using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), we have you covered. OCI offers best-in-class cloud networking capabilities with integrated monitoring and observability.

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