Oracle Primavera Cloud Service for Delivery Teams—Datasheet

Key benefits

  • Integrate critical path method (CPM) planning and scheduling with field task management
  • Unite all office and field teams into one fully coordinated execution plan
  • Understand resource constraints and demands within and across projects
  • Schedule and risk management to fit any size project
  • Highlight risks early with predictive intelligence and actively hunt for trouble
  • Support earned value management (EVM) practices and principles
  • Centralize best practices with the ability to configure to individual project requirements
  • View all projects for consistent and profitable delivery

Key process improvements

  • Scheduling Methods: Combine CPM and task management
  • Planning and Schedule Collaboration: Unite office and field teams into one execution plan
  • Progress Tracking: Access from anywhere, easily update
  • Risk Management: Integrate schedule and risk management to fit any size project
  • Predictive Capabilities: Embed predictive intelligence

Synchronize project delivery with Oracle Primavera Cloud Service. Coordinate office and field teams in one integrated schedule. Easily optimize resources and predict and mitigate risks across your projects. Rely on the leader in planning and scheduling to help you deliver extraordinary results every time – from the smallest projects to the largest.

The Challenges of Project Delivery

Engineering and construction projects are plagued by systemic coordination and communication challenges - and delivery teams get hit especially hard. Well delivered projects require a commitment to sound planning and scheduling practices and are the result of driving multiple organizations together with clear standardized processes that ensure the right resources are placed on the right work assignments at the right time.

A lack of standardized planning and scheduling processes leads to poor coordination across project teams, inaccurate field progress tracking, and ineffective risk management. Moreover, without standardized data, performance cannot be compared across projects and delivery teams cannot benefit from the predictive intel they need to identify problems early, while there is still time to avoid them.

These factors all contribute to deteriorating profitability, increased risk exposures, and operational deficiencies that impact how delivery organizations pursue, build, and deliver projects.

The Solution: Oracle Primavera Cloud Service

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is a fully integrated planning, scheduling, resource, and risk management solution that synchronizes project delivery to help support consistent and repeatable profitability across all projects - regardless of size or complexity.

United office and field teams share one execution plan with the only planning and scheduling solution that integrates critical path method (CPM) scheduling with field task management. Coordinate and optimize labor, equipment, and material resources both within and across all projects. Easily centralize schedule and risk management processes to empower teams to adapt and configure to individual project requirements.

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is a comprehensive solution for all project teams, with an unmatched ability to support a full spectrum of users and capabilities, from the scheduling novice to the earned value management (EVM) expert. Oracle Primavera Cloud is the tool you need to plan efficiently, build intelligently, and deliver profitably. Delivering unparalleled capability, the solution has a 30+ year track record of service to delivery teams everywhere.

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service: Fully integrated planning, scheduling, resource, and risk management.

Planning, Scheduling, and Resource Management

Planning, scheduling, and resource management is the heartbeat of a project. A well-developed and collaboratively built schedule coordinates both office and field teams into fully synchronized execution plans. Maintain the vital connection between the contractual critical path method (CPM) schedule and the fields task management detail. Easily access digitized planning and execution boards that unite teams around milestones, deliverables, and productivity in one integrated solution

CPM and task management screenshot
Figure 1: The industries ONLY integrated CPM and task management solution.
Task management planning and execution board screenshot
Figure 2: Digital planning and execution boards for field team coordination.


Easily plan and optimize resource scarcities or bottlenecks via worksheets, histograms, and profiles using a centralized, configurable resource and roles pool to support individual projects.

Resource and cost histograms and profiles screenshot
Figure 3: Easily understand and avoid resource bottlenecks within and across projects.


Easily handle any project - no matter the size or complexity – with Oracle Primavera Cloud Service. Cover the basics of project scheduling while satisfying and pursuing contracts that require earned value management (EVM) practices and requirements.

Schedule health scores and earned value metrics screenshot
Figure 4: Keep critical projects and programs on track with earned value management (EVM) performance metrics.


Risk Management

Risk management tightly coupled with planning and scheduling provides a centralized and comprehensive risk register for everyone. Accessible from anywhere, capture risks early to identify threats and opportunities. Risk management dashboards categorize exposures for impact assessment, including swiftly making impact assessments actionable with mitigation.

Risk analysis screenshot
Figure 5: Predictive scheduling and risk management controls to highlight risks early and forecast with confidence.
Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud (CIC) Advisor screenshot
Figure 6: Put all of your planning and execution data to work with the Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Advisor.


Oracle Primavera Cloud Service — Key Capabilities

  • Critical path method (CPM) planning and scheduling with integrated field task management
  • Digital planning and scheduling boards
  • Highly configurable tasks to support field planning and execution (task color-coding, hand-off sequences, commitments, constraints, file and photo attachments, and weekly work plans)
  • Mobile progress management
  • Always-on schedule health check assistant
  • Centralized risk register and risk management
  • Project and cross-project resource and cost histograms
  • Advanced baseline and scenario management
  • Any-point-in-time schedule comparisons
  • Earned value management (EVM)
  • Extend Predictive AI/ML insight and reporting when bundled with Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Advisor
  • Supports XER import/export

Ready to take full control of planning, scheduling and resource management?