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Oracle Revenue Management Cloud

Ensure Compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15

Accelerate your transition to the new revenue recognition standard. Gain control over the standard's complexity, reduce the risk of noncompliance, and automate valuation and recognition of performance obligations within accounting contracts.

  • Consistently apply configurable rules to customer contracts and performance obligations.

  • Ensure compliance with new accounting standard by properly recording customer sales contract transactions to your general ledger.

  • Highlighted work areas show contracts that require attention.

Accelerate Your Transition

Iteratively manage and automate your transition to the new standard. Revise the opening balance sheet for existing contracts and process new contracts using your rules.

  • Import sales data once, create and apply your revenue recognition software rules, then export the results to Essbase (or similar tool)
  • Compare iterations in Essbase (or similar tool) as well as to your current accounting
  • Maintain accounting integrity under the old standard by posting iterations to an alternative secondary ledger
  • Analyze compliance by using what-if scenarios
  • Redirect your performance obligations subledger to the primary ledger on the standard's effective date

Gain Real-Time Insight

Review and address delays in the performance obligations lifecycle—from sales orders to revenue—by automatically applying the core principle and its five steps, no matter what industry you are in.

  • Recognize revenue faster by reviewing contract and performance obligations with exceptions
  • Identify contracts from multiple sources and group them into a single accounting contract
  • Properly identify distinct performance obligations as point in time or over time, implicit or explicit, or exempt from allocation
  • Efficiently upload standalone or estimated selling prices (SSPs or ESPs) with spreadsheet integration
  • Calculate SSPs from historical standalone transactions and configurable rules
  • Gain visibility with an audit trail of the revenue recognition lifecycle

Ensure Compliance with the New Standard

Assure stakeholders that your organization complies with ASC 606 and IFRS 15. Ensure that customer sales contract transactions are properly recorded to your general ledger.

  • Accurately identify performance obligations at contract inception by using configurable rules to record contract assets and liabilities
  • Ensure that performance obligations are valued correctly using the relative SSP basis
  • Accrue performance obligation liabilities and recognize revenue when performance obligation commitments are satisfied by using point in time or over time rules
  • Simplify the recording of allocation discounts on the balance sheet
  • Control the revenue recognition and billing cycles with automatic synchronization

Integrated Revenue Recognition Software

Take advantage of an end-to-end revenue recognition process with integration to your existing ERP and third-party sales data systems.

  • Easily unify sales data from multiple sources and systems with robust third-party application integration
  • Accelerate your transition to the new standard with prebuilt integration into Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Simplify financial processes by deploying Oracle Revenue Management Cloud as an integral component of your Oracle Financials Cloud implementation

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