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Business Analytics customer stories

Skanska logo

Skanska optimizes global financing process to accelerate time to market for new construction projects



Business users at Skanska use Oracle Analytics to generate their own reports in less than five minutes—reports that previously took more than a day to generate.


OUTFRONT used Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics to handle data management and maximize opportunities for their digital ad clients



Outfront leverages Oracle Analytics and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to bring self-service decision-making capabilities quickly to more than 800 business users.

Drop Tank logo

Thanks to Oracle Cloud technology, Drop Tank can support a rapidly growing data set, an escalating transaction volume, and complex data visualizations


Drop Tank

Drop Tank uses Oracle Analytics and Oracle Data Warehouse to boost sales through a successful rollout of a customer loyalty program.

Western Digital logo

Western Digital leverages Oracle Analytics to gain insights in seconds, not days


Western Digital

Bill Roy from Western Digital explains how the company can access data 25 times faster to help them focus on insights, innovation, and a better customer experience with Oracle Analytics.

Caixa Bank logo

By integrating Oracle’s family of products, Caixa Bank built an infrastructure and process to take advantage of the latest emerging technology


Caixa Bank

Caixa Bank uses Oracle's scalable solutions to improve performance and boost ROI during its transition to digital finance.

DX Marketing logo

See how DX Marketing utilized Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics to expedite customer projects and streamline processes


DX Marketing

The fact that we can keep it all self-contained inside Autonomous Data Warehouse—and have all these utilities built-in—is a big plus.
Ray Owens, CEO, DX Marketing
Riverbed Technology logo

Learn how Oracle Analytics Cloud enabled Riverbed Technology to turn customer hardware data into service renewal drivers


Riverbed Technology

Riverbed grows support service renewal revenue by 16% with innovative analytics to optimize marketing and sales efforts.

Grant Thornton logo

Grant Thornton delivers analytics solutions for its customers


Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton uses Oracle Analytics to help an aerospace distributor annually save millions of dollars by optimizing the company’s inventory turnover.

An Post logo

For An Post, the future is analytics


An Post

An Post uses Oracle Analytics to save costs by consolidating data from various sources for analysis, accelerating workflow to minimize logistical and organizational inefficiencies.

Bitron Electronics logo

Bitron achieves product optimization driven by analytics


Bitron Electronics

Bitron uses Oracle Analytics to get a 90% reduction of time spent in accessing the right data.

Syneos Health logo

Analytics is core to Syneos Health's mission to save lives


Syneos Health

Syneos Health uses Oracle Analytics to save pharmaceutical companies millions of dollars with data reporting that reduces trial time.

Accenture logo

Accenture creates custom Digital Boardroom with Oracle Analytics Cloud



Accenture installed Oracle Analytics in a client's digital boardroom for greater transparency and data-driven decisions using real-time access to high-priority KPIs.

Genpact logo

Genpact innovates with analytics



Oracle Analytics enables Genpact’s airline customer to increase travel safety and optimize manufacturing thanks to real-time data access and new insights.

Arlington Orthopedics Associates logo

Arlington Orthopedics Associates changes healthcare with Oracle Analytics


Arlington Orthopedics Associates

Arlington Orthopedics increased revenue by 18% through Oracle Analytics and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse with operational reporting that freed up financial analysts and sped up claims.