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Viomi integrates back office with Oracle Cloud

Viomi is integrating its financial management and supply chain processes using Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud applications, improving collaboration and information sharing while cutting costs.

Indústria: High Technology
Localização: China

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Sobre o cliente

At home with IoT

Founded in May 2014, Viomi is a high tech company that brings the Internet of Things to a range of home appliances and devices, including water purifiers, water heaters, range hoods, refrigerators, fans, and washing machines. Viomi is also the largest ecological chain enterprise for Xiaomi. Its innovative IoT @ Home platform delivers powerful data insights to consumers on an intuitive interface. Based in China, Viomi aims its products and value-added services at young, modern, "new middle-class" consumers. The company has continued to grow rapidly. It went public in 2018 (NASDAQ: VIOT) and became the first listed company in the IoT at home sector.

Integrating its finance and supply chain applications allowed Viomi to improve operations and gain the agility necessary to quickly add partners.

The innovation of smart home products, the development of IoT technologies, and today’s busy, convenience-focused lifestyle have popularized IoT @ Home products in China.
Xiaoping Chen, Founder and CEO, Viomi

História do cliente

Smoother operations, improved collaboration

Viomi has grown rapidly since its founding in 2014, providing a range of IoT-enabled smart home appliances to China’s expanding young middle class. With that growth came challenges with managing its complex supply chain. Partner collaboration was inefficient, and rising costs limited the company’s ability to develop its manufacturing operations. To improve collaboration with partners and better prepare for the future, Viomi implemented Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud to address those issues, integrating its financial management and supply chain processes. The company can now monitor and manage its own and partner factories, gaining the insights and capabilities to make timely adjustments as needed. Its financial information is updated in real time, and built-in data analytics and reporting tools keep executives apprised for faster decision-making.

Portfólio Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud ERP

Oracle Cloud SCM

Oracle ERP Cloud provides Viomi with built-in data analytics and reporting tools, letting executives quickly gain business insights through intuitive visuals.

Executives used to see only one part of the value chain, but with Oracle ERP Cloud, they can see the whole process.

Xiaoping Chen, Founder and CEO, Viomi