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Oracle CX for Communications

Reinvent CX with advanced digital capabilities and transform from a communications service provider (CSP) to a digital services provider (DSP). Oracle CX for Communications is a comprehensive, innovative, modular cloud solution that allows you to complete the transition to digital and strengthen your customer relationships in the 5G era.

See how Oracle CX for Comms can help you.

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Intuitive and intelligent design

Launch new products and services quickly with an intuitive design experience. From ideation to your customer, Oracle CX for Communications provides an agile design process that helps you deliver customer-centric service innovations.

Offer creation

Create relevant offers using real-time and actionable insights to define core products and price and promotions, while managing the timing of your product lifecycles to align with the market.

Offer launch

Make it easy to launch offers through a simple business user interface that includes a 360-degree view of customers’ digital profiles, an intuitive design process, one-click publishing, audience setup and model training, and merchandising.

Offer outreach

Improve campaign time to market and lead generation using advanced targeting and segmentation with flexible data management. Understand your customers’ preferences based on their digital behavior and offer them more personalized and targeted offers.

Frictionless selling experiences

Improve your offer acceptance rate, sale of high-value products, conversation rate, and cross-sell and upsell rates using personalized and consistent cross-channel experiences. An integrated and omnichannel selling experience allows your team to focus on customer care.

Unified sales catalog

Consumers may start on any channel and expect to switch channels and continue at their convenience. Oracle CX for Communications offers omnichannel catalog engagements, a persistent shopping cart across all channels, and behavior and profile personalization.

Flexible bundling

Engage your customers with offers and bundles, intelligent recommendations, flexible pricing and promotions, subscription and contract-based bundling—all tailored to meet their needs.

Full integration

Offer integrated lead-to-quote-to-order capabilities and intuitive, mobile tools. And improve share of wallet with asset-based configuration tools tailored to each customer and integrated into the solution offering.

Data-driven customer support

Meet and exceed customer expectations using a data-driven approach to fulfillment and operations. Execute market requirements and leverage Oracle’s wealth of experience working with customers across industries and geographies.

Flawless order execution and invoicing

Provide distributed order fulfillment for hard goods and services, ensuring that it’s done correctly. Full automation support increases efficiencies and reduces risks.

Deliver supply chain processes

Handle customer asset management, procurement, parts orchestration and fulfillment, truck stock management, and service debrief processing with supply chain integration.

Support digital customer channels

Offer service when and where customers want it. Offer connected, omnichannel service interactions and benefit from a full view of service history.

Field service management

Manage your mobile workforce using AI scheduling and machine learning to quickly adapt to schedule changes, street-level routing updates, and customer needs. Centralize your field operations and allow your agents to communicate with teammates to get the job done, while in the field.

Connected, end-to-end CX

Ensure that you’re set up for success in the digital space by engaging a complete and modular cloud solution that can handle all of your front- and back-office processes.


Empower marketers with AI-powered insights to better understand their target audiences and optimize offers. Enable your marketing team to identify how audiences are interacting with content and uncover optimal pathways for customer communication.


Empower sales professionals with accurate, next-step recommendations that help them close deals. Prompt them with smart call points that pull data from live news and event feeds to surface and prioritize key insights.


Create innovative experiences designed to meet the unique demands of your business and improve productivity and business results using natural language and deep learning capabilities.


Empower your customer service professionals with a 360-degree view of customer data and relevant news alerts. Optimize responses to frequently asked questions using advance knowledge.

Key benefits

  • Launch new products quickly

    Introduce products across both owned and partner services using an intuitive design experience.

  • Deliver personalized customer experiences

    Understand the behavior and intent of every customer using a digital customer profile with real-time, actionable insights—allowing you to better engage and personalize their experience.

  • Make it easy for your customers to engage with you

    Offer a digital-first experience by providing your customers with conversational UIs, chatbots, and intelligent search opportunities.

  • Fulfill orders smoothly, quickly, and securely

    Front and back-office work together to offer product fulfillment orchestration and service provisioning across internal and partner systems and networks.

    Beyond connectivity with DX4C

Key benefits
Thought Leadership

Innovation in real-time communications security

Andrew De La Torre, Group Vice President of Technology

Real-time communications are increasingly critical for employee collaboration and customer engagement, but linking customers, suppliers, and partners through ever-expanding channels exposes organizations to bad actors such as organized crime, nation-states, disgruntled employees, and hackers.

Read the complete post

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Cloud readiness

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Cloud Customer Connect

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Oracle University

Oracle University

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