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Group Two

  Startup Description
  Agendor Agendor is a sales improvement platform for companies with long sales cycles. Its aim is to define and maintain the sales process in a lean, simple, and affordable way, with web and mobile versions. With Agendor it's possible to centralize a customer’s database, manage the sales process, and extract detailed sales reports.
  JUSTTO Founded by a group of experienced lawyers and IT experts, JUSTTO is a legal technology that offers access to justice through an online dispute resolution scalable platform with an intelligent, automated end-to-end solution to prevent and solve conflicts. JUSTTO makes it easy to negotiate hundreds of agreements simultaneously with strategy and assertiveness.
  Qulture.Rocks Qulture.Rocks is a startup that builds technology to support companies in creating cultures that rock, through performance management (one-on-ones, goals, feedback, and performance reviews). We believe alignment, recognition, and development are critical ingredients in any amazing organizational culture, and that great cultures have the most enduring competitive advantages.
  Smartrips Smartrips is committed to the mission of simplifying business travel and how people behave with a company's money. Our simple, smart, and customizable platform promotes a win-win solution with direct and indirect benefits for companies and their employees, strengthening corporate travel policy, and avoiding waste.
  Social Miner Social Miner is an engagement and sales platform that applies machine learning and storytelling to engage consumers and sell more. Their methodology—one of marketing automation meets AI and storytelling to humanize campaigns—is called People Marketing.
  Tail Tail is a one-stop, big data platform for audience solutions, delivering to advertisers, agencies, and publishers a comprehensive suite of audience data management capabilities through desktop and mobile devices. Using cutting-edge, big data cross-device analytics, Tail relies on an exclusive collaborative ecosystem of websites and apps to access web browsing, geo location, and consumer data—enabling Tail to instantly classify more than 500 million profiles. Tail’s machine-learning algorithms, specializing in Portuguese and Spanish, can understand browsing behavior and geo behavior to have the reached profiles clustered through a broad taxonomy—including demographics, interests, affinities, lifestyle, or purchase intent—for marketing insights and audience targeting strategies.

Group One

  Startup Description is a live streaming specialist that offers professional broadcast solutions to enterprise customers, delivering video infrastructure, complete live broadcast software and professional production services to help companies with their projects all around the country.
  In Loco Media In Loco is the world's leading beaconless indoor location intelligence platform, with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour that enables real-time and relevant consumer engagements. Its proprietary technology is a unique advertising solution that can locate users’ smartphones indoors with the accuracy of up to one meter, considered one of the world’s most accurate by many industry standards. The platform is being used by industry leaders across numerous verticals including adtech, fintech, cybersecurity, retail analytics, telecom, education, smart cities and real estate. is a work management solution for high-performance teams, enabling managers to increase their organization’s productivity by dealing with task, time and performance management. Through the solution, priorities are made clear and understood: who is working on what, when things are going to be delivered, how much did they cost and who will make it happen. A broad and deep application, the solution delivers for companies who want an enterprise grade solution but don´t want to compromise on UX.
  Intelipost Intelipost is a SaaS startup that tackles freight and transportation management, providing online and offline businesses (shippers) with a platform that enables the real time comparison of freight options and tracking of deliveries across hundreds of logistics providers at a lower cost. The solution enables cost savings, real-time visibility of the delivery process, and tools designed to facilitate business growth.
  NMIND & Meu Negócio Inteligente NMIND is a market intelligence company that maps consumer habits and brand performance at points of sale across a variety of retail sectors. The company has two main solutions: MeNI - Meu Negócio Inteligente (Smart Business) is a business intelligence platform focused on helping small and medium businesses to understand their surrounding markets and better participate in consumer competition; and NMAP is a business intelligence platform focused on the industry, brands and its distributors.
  Nexus Edge Nexus Edge is a next-generation digital advertising solution delivering proprietary technology made exclusivley for the advertising industry powered by artificial intelligence. Through its proprietary solution Alana, the company can map behavior patterns and other variables to help businesses make better decisions that can positively impact consumers’ lives, thus transforming the digital advertising space.

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