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Why Be Part of Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator?

Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator will provide the platform to help you grow your startup the way you envision it. We will provide access to much of what it takes for you to make that happen—technology, mentoring, go-to-market strategy, investors, working space, and more.

The program includes access to

Discover Oracle Customer Experience
  • Oracle Cloud credits
  • Mentoring
  • Coworking space
  • Customers and Partners
  • Investors
  • 200+

    combined years of Advisory Board experience

    5 startups, 24 weeks, 125+ mentor hours

  • No-cost access to Oracle Cloud is a significant benefit of the program. Free Oracle Cloud made accessible exclusively to startup program members.

  • Mentors from Oracle as well as external experts—such as CTOs and CIOs of startups and other peer organizations—are what makes this a highly immersive program. Startups can benefit from more than 125 hours of combined mentorship during the program period.

  • Access to a vibrant coworking space with internet connectivity gives startups the ability and flexibility to work in a collaborative and productive environment. In many cases the coworking space will include additional amenities including a gym, café, and more.

  • Startups will be encouraged to reach out to relevant businesses and markets through our wide network of customers and partners.

  • Ongoing interactions and sessions with the investor community have been designed to give startups the right platform for growth and success.

Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator

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