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Go beyond the benchmark

Hear from Oracle customers and thought leaders as they share programs that go beyond tracking demographics to spark change and drive impact.

hcm diversity and inclusion

Hear Oracle Cloud HCM customers from around the globe share how they're prioritizing diversity and inclusion.

companies are embedding D&I across their organization - Read the report

Learn how ten leading global businesses are embedding D&I across their organization

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives are no longer optional. Their impact to employee engagement and business performance makes them a key component of a winning business strategy. Read this report to learn how 10 leading global organizations, including Schneider Electric, DHL, and Marriott are using a variety of tactics to embed D&I into their daily business.

Building equity and opportunity for all

In order to truly make an impact on both business performance and your employees, you need to focus on three key areas:

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Going Beyond the Benchmark with Oracle D&I solutions

Embedding D, E, & I in Your Daily Business Practice

Embed D&I into Your Business with Clarity, Growth & Belonging

See how Oracle is making D&I a priority

Every good idea at Oracle comes from our employees. By building diverse and inclusive teams, we benefit from each other’s strengths and perspectives. That’s what turns good ideas into great ideas.

Safra Catz Oracle CEO

We’re proud to be a company that makes diversity and inclusion a priority. It starts with you. Join us in building a collaborative culture full of people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities.