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Oracle Primavera Schedule

Powerful Project Scheduling and Planning

Efficiently plan, schedule, and control programs and individual projects. Evaluate scenarios to determine the best project plans and mitigate risk. Optimize resources across project teams and track progress.

Oracle Prime Schedule Cloud Service

Schedule scenarios allow users to analyze and adjust a "what-if" version of the schedule without affecting the current schedule.

Plan, Schedule and Deliver Projects

Plan, Schedule, and Deliver Projects

Robust tools make it easy to plan and manage multiple projects at the same time—and ensure optimal use of resources.

  • Evaluate and select optimal project schedule scenarios, including performing "what-if" analysis
  • Create role-based capacity plans based on project resource demands
  • Optimize roles and resources to maximize ROI
  • Easily communicate project plan changes
Keep Projects and Teams on Track

Keep Projects and Teams on Track

Make sure all stakeholders have the access and visibility they need to plan, schedule, monitor, and deliver superior projects.

  • Monitor project progress against original and current baselines
  • Track, report, and analyze project activity, status, and key performance indicators
  • Fully integrate Lean task management to improve efficiency, coordination and control across project activities
  • Enable team collaboration with mobile devices and social tools

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