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2021 Hospitality Benchmark Report: Mobile and Contactless Maturity Analysis

Mobile and touchless options are now a given for hoteliers. Guests expect them and staff need them to work efficiently. Embracing such innovations brings benefits to every step of the guest journey, improving operations and elevating service to new heights. Oracle Hospitality partners with research firm Capstone Insights to deliver a comprehensive report on the path forward for hospitality.

Key findings of the 2021 Hospitality Benchmark Report

66% of respondents

said they effectively promote their mobile applications and rely on it for conveying guest communications and handling requests in real time anywhere on property

52% of respondents

reported they had recently introduced mobile guest messaging services or were currently working to implement them.

47% of respondents

already offered contactless payment options at check-in and many were introducing the throughout the guest journey. In fact, only 11% of respondents did not offer contactless payment options for on-site dining.

What benefits do we expect from mobile investment?


Nearly 77% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that it would improve customer experience.



Nearly 70% of respondents reported using pre-arrival communications to provide highly-personalized information, including property wellness guidelines and updates on check-in procedures.



88% of respondents reported creating room keys in advance, which was the most popular check-in adjustment.



67% of respondents reported using text messaging or other mobile options to communicate with guests, field requests, or even schedule housekeeping services.


Food and Beverage

About 90% of respondents reported using waitlist and table management technology to comply with municipal social distancing requirements.

Food and beverage


Checkout provides an opportunity to leave guests with a lasting good impression. Mobility can play a vital role in achieving that goal.


Read the full report for more survey results.

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