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Nor1 Hotel Upsell Solutions

Give guests the opportunity to create the experience they want with hotel stay upgrades from Oracle’s Nor1 suite of services. Present offers for upgraded rooms, products, and services before and during check-in that a guest is most likely to say yes to—and generate incremental revenue for the hotel.

Nor1 allows hoteliers to maximize incremental revenue opportunities.

Discover how hoteliers are driving more revenue with Oracle's Nor1

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Radisson Hotel Group Americas increases revenue and delivers an even better guest experience
Fairmont Tremblant enables hotel agents to easily “yield up” to provide guests the best upsell offers
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Engage guests, improve operations, and drive revenue

Present guests with options to upgrade their stay at the time of booking or through guest emails

Capture guest demand for premium inventory, products, and services on digital marketing channels, and manage the process via an easy-to-use portal.

Explore eStandby Upgrade

Offer guests last-minute premium rooms available just prior to check-in

Maximize revenue by delivering confirmed upgrade offers to every guest using a fully automated solution. Never give a complimentary upgrade again.

Explore eXpress Upgrade

Empower front desk agents to create a meaningful guest experience at check-in

Give staff the tools they need to customize the guest experience without adding time to the check-in process.

Top 10 Ways to Increase Revenue with Oracle's Nor1.

How artificial intelligence makes hotel upselling smart—and effective

Valyn Perini, Senior Director, Strategic Relationships, Oracle Hospitality

One of the best ways for hoteliers to engage guests is to offer them products and services that they’ll covet—and willingly pay for. That’s why upsells are vitally important, especially now as operators try to recover lost revenue. But the question remains: How do you pursue them without taxing already-stretched staff and resources? Artificial intelligence, or more specifically, machine learning (ML) makes it possible.

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