Oracle Hospitality Cruise Materials Management

Enhanced Inventory Control

Oracle Hospitality Cruise Materials Management's real-time inventory-management system is available onboard and at headquarters across a fleet of vessels, enabling central control of all consumables.

Hospitality Cruise Materials Management User Interface

The system features real-time data transfer, including all point-of-sale information, and provides the basis for a new approach to materials management.

Visibility at Sea and Shore

Visibility at Sea and Shore

  • Centralized control of purchasing, including warehouse and container functionality
  • Full transparency of procurement procedures
  • Customized, fleet-wide data replicated between ships and shore
  • Improved vendor management
  • Effective, automated invoicing
  • Automatic storing of invoices, purchase orders, payment terms, and conditions
  • Real-time access to historical data for accurate order requests based on past consumption
Tailored for Individual Cruise Lines

Oracle Hospitality Cruise Materials Management System is a powerful, automated system individualized to enhance sea-going procurement operations. (4:59)


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