Oracle Hospitality Cruise Mobile Gangway

Simplified Cruise Access Management

Oracle Hospitality Cruise Mobile Gangway is an add-on to Oracle Hospitality Cruise Shipboard Property Management that simplifies ship access management and passenger and crew movement tracking.

Hospitality Cruise Mobile Gangway User Interface

Oracle Hospitality Cruise Mobile Gangway is suitable for hand-held devices with bar-code scanning and allows passengers' onboard cards to be read and processed instantaneously.

Efficient Ship Access Security

Efficient Ship Access Security

  • Increased flexibility and efficiency in passenger and crew handling
  • Ideal for handling crowd activities during ship access peak times
  • Continuous online availability and synchronized with a ship's main database, allowing uninterrupted passenger access flow
  • Provides accurate head counts and real-time passenger and crew status
  • Generates warnings to alert ship personnel
Easy Peak Access Facilitation

With Oracle Hospitality Cruise Mobile Gangway, cruise guests no longer need to queue, and their cards can be scanned at any location within the ship's proximity. (4:59)


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