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Fale Conosco Acesse a Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics: Quick-Start Guide

Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics is a powerful Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) solution that enables deeper insights from log data. Index, enrich, aggregate, explore, search, analyze, correlate, visualize and monitor all log data from your applications and system infrastructure, all in a consolidated and easy-to-use platform.

Step 1

Check prerequisites

Check to make sure prerequisite steps regarding user groups, compartments, and access policies are complete. For more information on those steps, see this guide.

Step 2

Launch Logging Analytics

Log in to the OCI Console and select Monitoring and Diagnostics > Logging Analytics.

Launch Logging Analytics

Step 3

Read overview

Read the overview details and click on Start Using Logging Analytics (first-time users only).

Read overview

Step 4

Confirm policies

Read the Enable Logging Analytics details for required policies and example policies, then click Continue.

After several seconds, the onboarding process will complete and you can freely explore Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics. For a deeper dive into the many capabilities and features of Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics, read the complete documentation guide.

Confirm policies

Get started

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