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Panasonic Information Systems Selects Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Drive Modernization of Internal Systems Across the Group

Panasonic Group’s IT subsidiary completes migration of one of its largest internal systems, its sales data analytics system, to Exadata Database Service

Successfully reduces database infrastructure cost by 50 percent in the first phase

Austin, Texas—June 13, 2024
Panasonic Information Systems Corporation

Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd. (Panasonic IS), the IT subsidiary of Panasonic Holdings Corporation, has selected Oracle Exadata Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as the cloud database platform to support the internal systems used by all companies within the Panasonic Group. This entails migrating more than 2,000 database environments from hundreds of internal systems to Oracle Exadata Database Service on OCI. In the first phase of the project, Panasonic IS has successfully migrated 30 systems from on-premises to the cloud, resulting in a reduction of approximately 50 percent in database infrastructure costs.

Panasonic Group is a global leader in developing innovative technologies and solutions for a wide-range of consumer electronic appliances. To sustain its competitive edge, the Panasonic Group is modernizing its on-premises IT environment and traditional business processes. To achieve this, Panasonic IS is establishing an infrastructure called "Panasonic Transformation (PX) Best Hybrid Platform,” which is leveraging multiple public clouds to adopt the most suitable cloud for each system. To consolidate a large number of databases in the public cloud, Panasonic IS chose Oracle Exadata Database Service on OCI for its exceptional performance, availability, and ability. As the major project milestone, Panasonic IS has successfully migrated one of the Panasonic Group’s largest systems—the sales data analytics system, containing 30TB of data and used by 18,000 employees—to centrally manage its consumer electronics sales information in Japan.

“While migrating our internal systems, we select the optimal environment for each system in order to maintain or improve performance. In addition to the benefits of using the advanced database functionalities of Oracle Database in the cloud, Oracle Exadata Database Service also delivered the best performance for larger systems amongst all the other cloud vendors during the initial performance testing,” said Takeshi Yokosuka, director, platform service division, Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd. “We have only completed migrating a small portion of the hundreds of internal systems, but we are already seeing significant benefits. We look forward to continuing to work with Oracle to migrate the rest of the systems and collaborate on future data utilization initiatives. Additionally, we are planning to leverage this seamless migration experience to support not only companies within the Panasonic Group, but also any companies considering migrating to Oracle Exadata Database Service.”

“This sales data analytics system was our largest system migration to OCI. Preliminary results showed that our stringent requirements, such as performance, were met satisfactorily and the project was a great success,” said Tomoyuki Sakai, senior managing executive officer, Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd. “Oracle Consulting’s dedication to the project was exceptional and played a tremendous role in helping us quickly resolve any issues during deployment. We look forward to deepening our relationship with Oracle on various migration projects, which will help us reduce operational workload and benefit from early adoption of the latest technology. We are confident that this collaboration will lead us to develop the best hybrid cloud environment that meets our needs.”

Oracle Exadata Database Service delivers the versatility of Oracle Database on purpose-built, optimized infrastructure to public and hybrid clouds. Built-in cloud automation, elastic resource scaling, security, and fast performance for all Oracle Database workloads helps customers simplify management and reduce costs.

“The electronics sector has weathered turbulent years marked by supply chain crises, unprecedented lead times, and shifting customer demands. To thrive in this rapidly evolving macroeconomic landscape, companies must embrace technology to leverage the full benefits of cloud and strengthen their competitive profile,” said Ashish Ray, vice president, Mission-Critical Database Technologies, Oracle. “Exadata Database Service on OCI provides Panasonic IS with superior database performance, security, and availability to facilitate the deployment of diverse applications to support several thousands of users. By moving hundreds of Panasonic Group’s internal systems to the cloud, its IT organization has gained flexibility and significant economic benefits.”

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