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Create A Data-Driven Organization With Oracle Analytics


Oracle Analytics optimizes IT resources by enabling a unified platform with reporting and analysis managed on the business level.

Why Choose Oracle Analytics For IT?

Unify Data While Enabling Data-Driven Decisions

In the modern business world, every aspect of business relies on IT. IT departments know the technology, control the tools, and maintain the data. But IT departments only have so many resources -- and already shoulder dozens of other priorities. Oracle Analytics represents a path to self-service analytics, allowing business uses to gain insights from data without leaning on IT. With Oracle Analytics, business users get the analytic tools needed for automated provisioning and life cycle management, including includes high availability, improved security, elastic scalability and reduced operations costs.

IT has an obligation to enable the business though data analytics. Oracle Analytics allows IT to simplify its infrastructure, connect to all enterprise data, and scale with the business. With embedded machine learning, Oracle Analytics allows for faster data preparation and enrichment which leads to discovery of new patterns and more accurate predictions.

Oracle Analytics makes it easier to:

  • Simplify Data
    Oracle Analytics helps customers find answers faster for deeper insights and better stories. This is achieved in an efficient, easy to understand manner that leverages numerous tools: data discovery, machine learning, visualizations, interactive presentations, identification of key segments and behavior, automatic recommendations, and much more.
  • Connect Across Data Sources
    Oracle Analytics provides access to all sources while creating recommendations for better understanding of data. This data enrichment ensures the best information is obtained quickly, allowing for faster collaboration and understanding which in turn enables more efficient action.
  • Scale To The Needs Of Business
    High-performance analytics can scale with the business and connect to large data lakes in a cost-effective manner. Oracle Analytics accomplishes all of this, reducing the cost of storing data while leveraging more data for richer analysis. This creates a simplified and cost-effective solution—the best possible fit for your organization now and in the future.

Oracle Analytics for IT

Oracle Analytics brings complex metrics and analysis into an easy-to-use tool driven by business users, not IT staff. This creates agile reporting on the business level while optimizing IT resource management, all while unifying data into a consolidated data mart.


Reduce Software Costs

Software licenses and cloud subscription packages can quickly consume an IT department’s budget. Having too many tools and software not only costs money, but it creates a compliance issue as well. Oracle Analytics represents a unified analytics platform, significantly relieving IT budget and resource concerns.


Increase Data and Insights Accuracy

When data is manually moved across platforms, it creates many opportunities for errors and anomalies. By unifying data into a single centralized source, accuracy and consistency is maintained while different users across the business analyze data for insights.


Empower Business Users

For years, data extracts and reports had to be requested through IT department channels. But with Oracle Analytics, control reverts to the business user to analyze relevant information. Reports, visualizations, and projections are mere clicks away, all generated faster and easier without any need to rely on the IT department.


Optimize Workflows

When metrics and visualizations are processed through different applications, workflows are subject to extra steps, unnecessary bottlenecks, and unexpected churn. Oracle Analytics unifies tools and data into a single solution, simplifying workflows and streamlining the entire process to deliver results faster.

Build your IT solutions on Oracle Analytics Cloud.