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Optimize Operational Process And Save Money With Oracle Analytics

Oracle Analytics optimizes supply chain management, enabling organizations to status inventory levels, assess fulfillment needs, and identify backlog issues for a stronger bottom line.

Optimize Operational Process And Save Money With Oracle Analytics
Why Choose Oracle Analytics For Supply Chain Management?

Increase Efficiency While Discovering New Possibilities

In the era of digital business, the supply chain process is filled with data. From order management to sales fulfillment to manufacturing processes, the entire cycle creates data signals across every phase to report on quantities, shipping dates, and procurement spans.

However, if that data remains siloed, then issues quickly arise. Quantities aren’t immediately updated, shipping statuses are late, and date changes lack accuracy; this ultimately creates a ripple effect that causes processes to be out of sync and opportunities to be missed -- and this all impacts customer satisfaction.

But with Oracle Analytics, all of that can change.

Oracle Analytics offers multiple paths to optimize an organization’s entire supply chain operations. With embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with powerful data visualizations and anywhere/anytime mobile app access, Oracle Analytics delivers:

  • Smoother operations across all departments
  • More accurate just-in-time inventory levels
  • A deeper understanding of supplier discounts and procurement trends
  • Connected logistics that transform into predictive insights

All of that is accomplished with cloud-based technology that connects to existing resources to unify disparate data. The result is an easy-to-use tool for data exploration powered by modern technology but with minimal support from IT on legacy reports and repetitive tasks, ultimately saving time, money, and resources.

Oracle Analytics for Supply Chain Management

Oracle Analytics enables a modern overhaul of any organization’s supply chain management processes, from operations to inventory to logistics to sales. Reduce bottlenecks, discover insights, automate tasks, and save cost, all in a smarter and more efficient way.


Manage Orders

Oracle Analytics consolidates data sources to assess inventory levels, predict product fulfillment needs, and identify potential backlog issues. Powerful predictive tools and real-time status optimize order, sales, and payment data all lead to increased customer satisfaction through on-time delivery.


Expedite Procurement

Procurement management is a dynamic process, with countless moving parts all needing to sync up. Oracle Analytics provides visibility into spending across global accounts and departments, creating just-in-time analysis and strategies to maximize budgets and discover supplier discounts.


Streamline Manufacturing

An optimized manufacturing process allows for a smooth workflow, free from bottlenecks, shipping issues, or inventory emergencies. Oracle Analytics delivers the power to monitor and control quality, work orders, inventory, and more, all with reports that identify areas for further optimization.


Oversee Logistics

Organizations deal with worldwide logistics, as orders ship out and materials arrive. In the digital world, it’s possible to connect this data and elevate a supply chain’s efficiency, saving time and money. With Oracle Analytics, it’s possible to identify bottlenecks, evaluate global costs, and enable data-driven decisions.