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Discover insights with self-service visualization, data prep, and ML

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The Oracle Analytics platform

Empower business leaders, analysts, and developers—wherever they are. Discover how Oracle Analytics delivers leading self-service and governed analytics on cloud, on-premises, or both. Hybrid by design, Oracle Analytics lets you make your own path to the cloud, at a pace that works for you.

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Data visualization project

Data visualization and storytelling

Harness the power of Oracle Analytics to visually explore data to create and share compelling stories. Empower everyone in your organization with a powerful, code-free drag-and-drop interface. See the signals in data and make complex ideas engaging, meaningful, and easy to understand.

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Creating a new data connection

Open data connectivity

Unify all your data with more than 35 out-of-the-box data connection choices or via JDBC. Access all data, including personal datasets, such as Excel, wherever they're located. Securely create, manage, and share connections with your team or across the organization.

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The web semantic modeler

Enterprise data modeling

Ensure trusted numbers across the enterprise—no matter what visualization tool is used—with a business representation of enterprise data using a shared and governed semantic layer. Provide a scalable single source of the truth for business-critical data.

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Data quality insights

Intelligent data enrichment

Enable business users with augmented enrichment capabilities to expand data breadth and boost productivity. Ingest, profile, repair, and extend local or server-based datasets.

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Data flows view

Built-in data flows

Leverage powerful visual data flows to transform, merge, and enrich datasets—no special skills required. Create, maintain, and share data flows in a secure platform without the need to resort to Excel. Save results as Oracle Analytics local storage, connected RDBMS source, or Essbase.

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The Explain capability

Machine learning for business users

Help your users become more analytics-driven by extending human intelligence with machine learning (ML). Use ML to explain how metrics and attributes are connected and uncover otherwise hidden insights in data.

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The Auto-insights capability

Machine learning for business users

Datasets are automatically processed and machine-generated insights created. These insights highlight trends, patterns, and correlations in the data that may have been missed. Easily add these to the canvas with one click to jump-start analytics stories.

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Autonomous Database ML integration

Machine learning for advanced users

Oracle Analytics and Autonomous Database deliver a complete solution for data scientists. Build Python and R models within the Autonomous Database and publish to Oracle Analytics to run via data flows.

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Role based security

Governance, security, and compliance

Protect data with application and role-based security with single sign-on that specifies who and what can be accessed. Data-level security enables fine-grained access to ensure that teams or users can share reports, but see only data they have access to.

Browser and mobile device access

Mobile analytics

Stay connected to the state of the business and monitor key metrics—anytime, anywhere. Use natural language to query data in 28 languages. Receive alerts in real time when new data or reports become available, numbers hit a threshold, or based on your location with GPS. Access responsive mobile web design via Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Analytics Server. Mobile app available for Oracle Analytics Cloud.

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Deploy on cloud or on-premises

Freedom of choice

One platform, your choice of deployment—cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a native cloud-based Oracle-managed service delivered via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Oracle Analytics Server is a customer-managed service for on-premises deployments or deployments within a cloud infrastructure (Amazon, Azure, or OCI).

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