Fusion Data Intelligence

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence platform is the next generation of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse built for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, bringing together business data, ready-to-use analytics, and prebuilt AI and machine learning (ML) models to deliver deeper insights and accelerate the decision-making process into actionable results.

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“With Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence, Oracle introduces a true convergence of analytics, data, and AI. This platform’s prebuilt intelligent applications, data models, and AI capabilities offer a forward-looking strategy for enterprises aiming to thrive in the data-driven landscape. It’s the perfect complement to Oracle Fusion Applications such as ERP, HCM, CX, and more.”

Holger Mueller Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

“Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence represents a rather unique strategy in the industry. In stark contrast to some other vendors that just offer empty data platforms and vacuous promises for building analytics on, Oracle is the only company that can provide a complete data intelligence platform with turnkey data, analytics, and AI/ML content by domain—with full-blown extensibility for custom development where needed. Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence merges Oracle’s Fusion SaaS applications and OCI together to change how data and analytics delivers results to organizations of all sizes.”

Steve McDowell Principal Analyst and Founding Partner, NAND Research

“The Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence platform represents a significant leap forward for the intuitive use of data, analytics, and AI. This integration of prebuilt intelligent applications, data models, and AI capabilities provides customers with a simplified and accelerated time-to-actionable insights, time to market, and time to revenues. Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence makes it intuitive for customers to broadly leverage their business data and quickly go from data to insights to actions with a meaningful return on investment.”

Marc Staimer Senior Analyst, Wikibon

“Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence, as the evolution of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, represents the forefront of application-centric data analytics solutions for the future. Its integration of AI-driven features signifies a strategic shift towards the development of intelligent applications. Designed for the context of specific jobs and integrated in the process of daily workflows, Fusion Data Intelligence platform-based applications will provide AI-powered recommendations and suggest prescribed actions so organizations and key decision makers can intelligently and efficiently achieve optimal business outcomes.”

Ron Westfall Research Director, The Futurum Group

Fusion Data Intelligence applications

Prebuilt analytics solutions for Fusion Cloud Applications

Oracle Fusion Analytics is a family of prebuilt, cloud native analytics applications for Fusion Cloud Applications that provide line-of-business users with ready-to-use insights that can help improve decision-making. Oracle’s unique breadth and depth of analytics and application capabilities enable organizations to unify analytics and provide a single, common view of performance across departments.


Go beyond dashboards and reports with AI-driven decisions and actions

Become analytics-driven with out-of-the-box applications that use AI-powered, role-specific predictive and prescriptive analytics to go beyond data insights and recommend intelligent actions. Leverage the underlying data models, ML models, and analytics to help business users understand what’s going on in their business, offer insights and recommendations, and facilitate actions that can improve the outcomes they care about.

Connect your business with cross-departmental analytics

  • Empower everyone with combined data across departments
  • Get your numbers all in one place to make quick decisions
  • Predict how your business processes affect business outcomes

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