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Make better financial decisions with prebuilt analytics

P&L section view

A prebuilt analytics solution for Oracle Cloud ERP

See how finance, procurement, and project professionals can uncover the underlying drivers of profitability, improve the use of working capital, and control business expenditures.

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Profitability Overview section view

Gain a granular understanding of profitability


Analyze revenue streams and costs to identify profitable products, services, and customer segments. Assess the profitability of different business units or projects to more efficiently allocate resources, ensure optimal pricing strategies, and prioritize investments that yield the highest returns.

Continuously monitor your organization’s financial health with key metrics to make informed adjustments to operations and ultimately enhance your long-term sustainability and growth prospects.

Working Capital view

Understand the underlying factors affecting working capital

Working capital

Find valuable working capital insights into operational efficiency and liquidity management. Identify areas where working capital is tied up, such as excessive inventory or delayed receivables, enabling you to streamline your processes and optimize cash flow.

With a holistic view across departments, assessing vendor relationships and credit policies becomes easier, enabling better risk management and strategic decision-making.

Receivables Analysis section view

Get a clear picture of aging trends to identify patterns in customer behavior


Analyze outstanding invoice categories by time period to see payment trends and potential collection issues. See the connection between receivables data to overall business performance, aiding in forecasting and strategy formulation. Examine credit memos and receipts to help optimize processes by evaluating adjustments and collections, leading to improved cash flow management and enhanced customer relationships.

Customer Risk Analysis section view

Predict AR collection risk


Prioritize collections based on the probability of default for each invoice and customer using predictive algorithms on aging receivables.

Accounts Payable Analysis section view

Optimize the management of outstanding payments


Identify trends in expenses, dive into the details of current and overdue positions, and monitor invoice processing efficiency. Assess your financial liabilities and pinpoint potential issues such as payment holds.

Foster more effective financial management by gaining insights into cash flow patterns, improving decision-making regarding vendor relationships, optimizing working capital, and ensuring compliance with payment timelines.

Supplier Risk Analysis section view

Predict AP on-time payment risk


Maximize discounts and improve vendor relationships by predicting the risk of paying a vendor late or of an invoice being paid late.

Assets Analysis Overview section view

Track asset health and lifecycle


Facilitate efficient resource allocation and risk assessment for improved operational efficiency and cost savings. Analyze your assets by category and type. Examine the entire asset lifecycle to proactively schedule maintenance, reduce downtime, and maximize the longevity of your assets.

Optimize asset retirement strategies by analyzing performance trends and usage patterns, allowing you to replace or dispose of assets at the most opportune time. Examine asset depreciation in-depth to accurately forecast financial impacts and aid budget planning.

Configurable Account Analysis section view

Get a composite, configurable view of GL account activity and subledger details


Examine all GL account activity, including GL balances, journals, and subledger transaction details, in a single, configurable view to effectively detect errors, prevent fraud, and ensure accurate financial reporting.

Insurance Subledger Analysis section view

Unifying analytics across accounting data

Accounting Hub

Create a system of insights for accounting data, sourced from Oracle Accounting Hub subledger applications. Discover operational and financial insights based on balances, journals, transaction attributes, and supporting references to address all analytical needs. Attain cross-functional view of your business by combining Accounting Hub data with Oracle Cloud Applications data and external data sources.

Spend Analysis section view

Full visibility into spend


Quickly analyze spend across different categories, including business unit, geography, and cost center. Identify purchasing patterns and use them to develop strategies to consolidate suppliers or negotiate better pricing terms.

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Off-Contract Spend Analysis section view

Minimize rogue spend


Identify rogue spend to drive sourcing strategy adoption and negotiate the most competitive pricing terms with suppliers.

Example: A high rate of off-contract spend on laptops in certain countries indicates that there’s a potential opportunity to sign new suppliers in this region.

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Employee Expense Analysis Overview section view

Examine employee expenses

Employee expenses

Optimize employee expense policies and improve audit performance to speed reimbursement.

Machine learning combs through large volumes of spend data to surface unforeseen anomalies and subtle patterns.

Example: Uncover audit violations by infraction type and business unit.

Savings Analysis section view

Uncover cost-saving opportunities


Develop long-term cost-saving strategies by monitoring the discounts you receive over time along with the savings potential by item.

Identify the root cause of lost discounts and unearth areas for spend consolidation by examining purchasing trends.

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Supplier Performance Analysis Overview section view

Minimize risk and improve supplier performance


Analyze supplier performance against contractual obligations using prebuilt metrics, such as on-time delivery, rejected shipments, and return rates. Identify the root cause of poor performance to minimize disruptions to the business.

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Procurement Efficiency Analysis section view

Drive procure-to-pay efficiency


Understand procurement cycle times to ensure service level compliance and fix operational bottlenecks that threaten productivity.

Easily analyze end-to-end finance and procurement data, such as requisition and invoice/payments, to determine the root cause of invoice holds and to ensure on-time payments to top suppliers.

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Project Analytics KPIs section view

Get an overview of project financial performance


Gain insight into project financials to identify at-risk projects and monitor budget overruns. Quickly determine the cause of the problem and take action to get the project back on track.

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Supplier Social Corporate Responsibility section view

Enrich your ERP data with additional external data sources

Data extensibility

Oracle Fusion Analytics provides a variety of ways to include data beyond what resides in Oracle Cloud Applications.

Leverage self-service methods to connect to external data sources via native connectors or to simple data files located on your computer.

Or, you can curate data together by loading external data into the same data model as your Oracle Cloud Applications data using Fusion Analytics’ data augmentation connectors or any data integration tool of your choice.

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Operational Overview KPIs section view

Understand the impact of every department to business goals and outcomes


Eliminate data silos with a single, prebuilt, extensible data model for analytics across supply chain, finance, HR, sales, and marketing.

Access all your important KPIs in one place with a library of ready-to-use, best practice KPIs across departments to make quick and collaborative decisions.

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Let Oracle help you navigate your analytics-driven journey

  • Prebuilt, ready-to-go insights
  • Unified, cross-departmental analytics data model
  • Extensible to include any data