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What's New in Autonomous Data Warehouse

New Features and Updates for Oracle Analytics

Oracle Analytics combines three powerful forces—augmented analytics, self-service analytics, and governed analytics. With embedded machine learning and AI, Oracle delivers a single solution that quickly scales across your organization so that you can get the most from your data. To help you get the answers you need when you need them, Oracle is committed to ongoing product innovation. Here are the latest new features and updates.

August 2021

Fusion Analytics Warehouse introduces new Procurement and Workforce insights


Fusion Analytics Warehouse Release 21.R2 offers significant new analytic capabilities for procurement and HR. ERP Analytics provides procurement and finance teams with 360-degree visibility into the procure-to-pay process, to uncover cost savings opportunities. HCM Analytics delivers new compensation and workforce insight, to boost workplace engagement and retention, and optimize workforce cost and availability.

July 2021

Oracle Analytics Cloud offers a compelling new visual experience


Oracle Analytics Cloud Release 6.1 delivers significantly enhanced visual analytics based on Oracle Redwood, a design system that enhances color, layout, and formatting. The release also includes a rules engine that enables conditional formatting and new capabilities for filtering, sorting, printing, and navigating.

April 2021

Oracle Analytics Cloud increases data access and value


Oracle Analytics Cloud Release 6.0 increases your access to data and the value you can get from it with significant updates for data visualization, design, preparation and management; support for more Oracle database and graph analytics functions; rich hierarchy navigation; and more.

March 2021

Fusion Analytics Warehouse delivers new capabilities for ERP and HCM analytics


Fusion Analytics Warehouse Release 21.R1.x offers significant new capabilities for finance and HR. Fusion ERP Analytics gives finance managers better visibility into spend and expenses for quick insight into savings opportunities. Fusion HCM Analytics enables HR managers to align employee skills with performance and goals and track feedback as people return to work, helping them improve safety and morale.

Oracle Analytics Server: Modern analytics to fit your needs in every environment


Oracle Analytics Server Release 5.9 provides you with a compelling and complete modern analytics platform for on-premises environments or any infrastructure you choose. Analytics Server delivers the same value as Oracle’s strategic cloud platform, Oracle Analytics Cloud, offering organizations modernization options that fit their needs.

December 2020

Increase the impact of your analysis with explainable machine learning


Oracle Analytics Cloud 5.9 extends the value of your data and the impact of your analysis with no-code ways to understand and visualize models and multilingual text analysis, as well as an enhanced user experience for sorting and filtering visualizations and driving actions from data.

September 2020

New HR Functions, Increased Financials GL Content, and Expanded Data Access Provide Critical Capabilities to Help Manage Change


Fusion Analytics Warehouse Release 20.R2.P1

Fusion Analytics Warehouse (FAW) adds HR Talent Mobility and Acquisition, and expands core Financials GL content and FAW extensibility framework.

August 2020

Simplify your analytics strategy with easier embedding and on-premises capabilities for Windows


Updates to Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Analytics Server make modern, cloud-ready analytics available across your organization. Easier embedding and extended user access enable you to consolidate on a single, enterprise-class platform for insights in context, simplifying your strategy and streamlining your operations and costs.

July 2020 Release 5.7

Driving data Literacy through easier access to advanced analytic functions


Oracle Analytics Cloud 5.7 delivers new augmented analytics capabilities that surface the power of Oracle Machine Learning in an easy interface for interacting with advanced analytic functions in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Database.

May 2020 Release 5.6

Innovative new visualizations and enhanced experience for analysts and developers


Oracle Analytics Cloud 5.6 increases your access to insights through innovative new visualizations, map capabilities, and data connectors. Multiple user experience enhancements enable finer-grained control for analysts and developers.

February 2020 Release 5.5

Augmented analytics in every environment


Oracle Analytics 5.5 includes the rollout of Oracle Analytics Server, delivering augmented analytics to on-premises customers and those working in hybrid and multicloud environments. This release also includes enhancements to Oracle Analytics Cloud.

October 2019 Release 5.4

Enhanced self-service visualization and pixel-perfect reporting


Updates to the user experience provide a new level of control over visualization and pixel-perfect reporting. This release also includes new capabilities that streamline analysis, such as automatically identifying location outliers and providing more built-in data prep options.

June 2019 Release 5.3

Easy enterprise-class system management


Optimize how Oracle Analytics works in your environment with greater control over configuration, performance management, scale up/down, and more options for managing system settings.

May 2019 Release 5.2.3

Pause and resume services


Pause services as needed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to prevent users from accessing the service. This option is available if you subscribe to Oracle Analytics Cloud through Universal Credits.

March 2019 Release 5.2

Data integration and intelligent preparation


Augmented data preparation and an array of self-service capabilities in this release enable you to leverage more data, perform more advanced analytics, have finer-grained control over visualizing insights, and collaborate more easily with your colleagues.

January 2019 Release 105.1.0

Streamlined migration and data connectivity


Enhancement to data connections and migration utilities simplify your ability to use Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and migrate analytics from on-premises Oracle Business Intelligence to the cloud.