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Oracle AI Services

Oracle AI is a family of AI and machine learning services for getting started with machine learning and intelligent applications, fast.

Build, train, and deploy models with favorite open-source frameworks like PyTorch and Tensorflow, or benefit from the speed of in-database machine learning. Add prebuilt chatbot, anomaly detection, natural language processing (NLP), speech, and computer vision capabilities to applications and operations. AI from Oracle offers machine learning capabilities for every use case, method, and skill level.

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The lifecycle of machine learning models

Building a machine learning model is an iterative process. This ebook illustrates how machine learning models are built.

Try a machine learning workshop

Explore notebooks and build or test machine learning algorithms. Try AutoML and see data science results.

AI and machine learning options for every skill level

Machine learning services, for building and deploying models

Build and evaluate higher-quality machine learning models. OCI Data Science and Oracle Database Machine Learning simplify creating models with data from object storage, Oracle Database, or virtually any other data source, and support easier model deployment in a variety of ways, including the ability to deploy models as HTTP endpoints.

AI services, for custom-trained models

Choose from a family of prebuilt models that can be custom trained on industry-specific data to provide more accurate insights. Models from OCI AI Services are ready to be deployed to improve existing business applications.

Supporting machine learning services, for a coherent ML experience

Gain access to integrated model and data catalogs for better model discovery, OCI Data Labeling to label data across Oracle’s AI services, and OCI Virtual Machines to jumpstart GPU-based environments, fast.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning from Oracle

Add AI capabilities to applications—no ML experience required

Use prebuilt models as-is, without having to build from scratch. Or even better, custom train prebuilt models on the organization’s own custom data with a suite of anomaly detection, NLP, speech, vision, and other AI services. By consuming a model as a service rather than trying to build it on their own, developers can focus on application development and accelerate app delivery for better business results.

Machine learning made easier, from data access to model management

Build, train, and manage machine learning models on Oracle Cloud using open-source Python, with added capabilities for automated machine learning (AutoML), model evaluation, and model explanation.

Machine learning for everyone on Oracle Database

Build and deploy machine learning models directly in Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Database with included, high-performance ML algorithms from SQL, R and Python APIs. Data scientists and non-expert users can train models and run inference in Oracle Database.

Label data once, then reuse it across services and teams

Build labeled datasets to more accurately train AI and machine learning models. Users can assemble data, create and browse datasets, and apply labels to data records through user interfaces and public APIs. The labeled data sets can be exported and used for model development across many of Oracle’s AI and data science services for a seamless model-building experience.

Build machine learning models using open-source frameworks

Get started quickly with GPU-based environments that are preconfigured with popular IDEs, notebooks, and machine learning frameworks. Easily deploy from Oracle Cloud Marketplace with a choice of compute shapes.

End-to-end data services

A data science platform is more than just a set of tools for building machine learning models. Oracle's data science platform includes a complete set of capabilities to support end-to-end data science.

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Children’s Medical Research Institute Drives Progress with Oracle AI

September 15, 2020

Announcing Tribuo, a Java Machine Learning library

Adam Pocock, Principal Member of Technical Staff

Tribuo, a Java Machine Learning library, provides machine learning functionality such as clustering, classification, and anomaly detection, as well as interfaces for deep learning frameworks like ONNX Runtime and TensorFlow.

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