Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

The Future Is Autonomous

Soon, autonomous cars will drive us to work, buildings will manage themselves, and farms will optimize growing conditions on their own.

Autonomous systems are beginning to transform our lives—and information technology will be the next big advance.

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, powered by machine learning, brings autonomous technology to the enterprise. The advantages? No human error. 100x more reliable. Half the cost.

Beyond Automation

Automation is already transforming industries where complexity and demands for performance must meet the challenges of scarcer resources, narrower margins, and expanding scale and volume. And now the future is beginning to move beyond automation to autonomous technologies: driverless vehicles, smart homes, delivery robots, and more.

In an IT environment, autonomous database technology delivers unrivaled availability, performance, and security. When one missed software patch or data breach can lead to catastrophic business failure, autonomous software and cloud services will be the best defense against new threats.


“It’s our computers versus their computers in cyberwarfare. And we have to have a lot better computer systems, a lot more automation, if we’re going to defend our data.”

—Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman of the Board and CTO

Powered by Oracle Database 18c, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is based on machine learning that continuously patches, tunes, backs up, and upgrades itself—without manual intervention. All while systems stay up and running. Because there is never a good time for your system to be down, Oracle Autonomous Database reduces downtime, both planned and unplanned, to less than 30 minutes a year total.


Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud
Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

No human error. 100x more reliable. Half the cost.

Larry Ellison Reveals First Fully Autonomous Database Cloud Service-video
Video: Ellison Reveals First Fully Autonomous Database Cloud Service

See the announcement from his Oracle OpenWorld 2017 keynote.

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