Hospital group cuts costs 80% with Oracle Cloud

The Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios implements Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to improve care for 1.5 million patients.


With Oracle's world-class products, we feel confident and assured that our information and processing is secure, fast, and makes our decision-making more efficient.

William PintadoProvincial Superior, Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios

Business challenges

The Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios has been tending to bodies, minds, and spiritual health for 450 years. It currently operates in 52 countries, on five continents, with more than 400 healthcare and social aid centers, including hospitals, clinics, shelters, and more, serving upwards of 20 million patients annually.

Its approach to care focuses on individuals and their families, tending to spiritual as well as physical needs.

The healthcare provider is organized into provinces. Its Peruvian province operates independently, as do the other provinces in the organization. The Peruvian province comprises Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela, with 14 healthcare and social aid centers, in which 1,250 workers serve about 1.5 million people annually.

It needed to integrate operations of its healthcare centers, which were unable to share information in a timely fashion, in order to make strategic decisions in real time.

Currently with Oracle solutions, accounting closures are done within 10 days. It used to take an average of 4 to 6 months.

Luis ZumaetaInformation Technology Manager, Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios

Why Clinic Hospital San Juan de Dios Chose Oracle

Oracle E-Business Suite provides the healthcare organization with scalability, as well as tax systems for the countries where health centers are located. After succeeding with Oracle E-Business Suite, the hospital decided to deploy Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to improve availability, remote access, security, and save costs. The organization was also confident that Oracle provided access to the best available technology.

The hospital was also drawn to Oracle's excellent customer service and support.


Migrating Oracle E-Business Suite from on-premises to the cloud cut costs by 80%. The organization achieved improved speed and security, with no service outages in the past year.

It also optimized financial processes. Accounting close that previously took 4 to 6 months now gets done in 10 days or less, with 40% fewer employees required.

Moving to OCI eliminates time IT staff spends resolving technology problems, leaving them free to focus instead on innovation and improving processes for the hospital.

Oracle has been particularly helpful during the pandemic, providing reliable, immediate information needed to make strategic decisions to care for patients and workers.


Optimize Business Group partnered with the Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios to deploy Oracle E-Business Suite, and Evotech worked with the healthcare provider on OCI.

Published:May 28, 2021