Glens Falls Hospital maximizes productivity and reduces costs with Oracle Cloud

Glens Falls Hospital strengthens recruiting, reduces costs, and achieves 95% compliance with training requirements with Oracle HCM Cloud

Glens Falls Hospital, like many not-for-profit health systems, faces a growing list of challenges as it works to continually elevate quality of care while containing costs. Payroll, talent recruitment and onboarding, performance management, and retention are critical components of this equation. 
The largest hospital between Albany and Montreal, Glens Falls wanted to replace its disparate human resources (HR) infrastructure to improve engagement, efficiency, and insight. It selected Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, a complete, intelligent platform. Since deploying the solution, the health system accelerated recruiting, enhanced employee engagement, achieved 95% compliance with training requirements, and saved $262,000. It also gained vital insight that supports a more strategic approach to HCM. 

It wasn’t hard to make a business case because the cost of our disparate systems exceeded the cost of a complete, single solution of Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud.

Kathy LaFondSenior Director of Human Resources, Glens Falls Hospital

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Business challenges

  • Expedite time to hire and time to productivity for vital healthcare professionals
  • Limited bandwidth for 13 HR professionals serving hospital of 2,700 employees 
  • Run a seamless payroll, audit payroll, and gain insight into labor costs 
  • Expand the time and resources available for HR to focus strategically on talent optimization and prepare the organization for the next generation of healthcare
  • Make it more convenient to interact with the HR department and complete processes, in keeping with the always-connected expectations of today’s workforce
  • Modernize HCM systems cost-effectively—in the short and longer term—an important consideration for the not-for-profit health system
  • Reduce complexity and management burden of legacy HR systems
  • Gain insight needed to drive HR decisions that optimize quality of care and operational efficiency

Why Glens Falls Hospital chose Oracle

"Several factors converged to lead us to Oracle HCM Cloud. It could deliver the fully integrated experience we desired, offered complete cloud with ever-expanding functionality, and was easy to deploy and adopt."
—Kathy LaFond, Senior Director of Human Resources, Glens Falls Hospital


  • Created a foundation to improve identification and recruitment of high-quality talent, benefitting from internal referral networks, social recruiting, machine learning, and more 
  • Dramatically improved the new hire workflow process, which cut new hire orientation time in half
  • Tracked to save $262,000 over 5 years with Oracle HCM Cloud  
  • Lowered risk by achieving 95% compliance with training requirements
  • Empowered employees with better access to analytics  
  • Boosted ability to identify employees at risk of leaving so that HR team members can enhance engagement and talent development to support retention, and initiate proactive recruitment initiatives
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy of the hospital’s complex payroll process that spans many employee categories, including diverse payment structures that vary by shift and other factors
  • Gained deeper and more timely insight into payroll and other HR processes to support more strategic planning, budgeting, and decision making
  • Ensured seamless integration with the hospital’s Kronos and Clairvia systems to streamline scheduling of vital nurse resources
  • Reduced IT infrastructure capital expenses, system complexity, and management burden with a complete, integrated, and easy-to-use-and-manage cloud platform
Published:September 1, 2019

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