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GreenGo revs up operations with Oracle Cloud

This Budapest-based car-sharing service turned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for the flexible, scalable IT capacity it needed to grow.

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About the customer

Company on the go

When GreenGo started its electric car-sharing service in 2016, it had 45 vehicles, far fewer than needed to meet demand. The company had to scale up resources—both cars and IT capacity.

Today, GreenGo’s environmentally friendly, app-based service tracks 300 e-cars covering 75 square kilometers in downtown Budapest, the Hungarian capital. Recently, the company expanded to the Czech capital of Prague. It launched a fleet of 100 e-cars and ramped up in the first months to double that number.

Managing Partner Bálint Michaletzky says getting that expansion right from the start is critical: “Reliability in daily operations will be key,” necessitating “outstanding IT availability.”

After GreenGo implemented Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, it was able to process 60,000 vehicle-status updates in only 10 seconds, a major turnaround from the network outages and system timeouts it had experienced using its on-premise, shared-server setup.

We want to create a community where people feel responsible for their environment and are willing to change their behavior for the sake of their future and others.
Bálint Michaletzky, Managing Partner, GreenGo

Customer Story

Dependable, scalable IT infrastructure

After launching electric-car-sharing service GreenGo in Budapest several years ago, Managing Partner Bálint Michaletzky learned the hard way that the app-based company's on-premise IT system couldn't keep up with customer demand or its ambitious plans.

GreenGo turned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's on-demand, scalable compute and storage capacity. Upgraded processing power and redundant resources have helped the company eliminate system outages and prepare for geographic expansion.

For instance, scaling up its on-premise server-based system might take two to four weeks. After implementing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, it took GreenGo only an hour to switch processing from its main, two-CPU cloud server in Frankfurt to a backup, four-CPU cloud server in London. Now GreenGo has four-CPU cloud servers in both locations.

Recently, GreenGo entered Prague's competitive e-car market.  "Running Oracle Cloud Infrastructure makes us confident that our IT background is fail-safe," Michaletzky says.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

GreenGo’s 24/7 operations call for an IT infrastructure with 100 percent availability, “and Oracle delivers,” says Managing Partner Bálint Michaletzky.

We’re still a midsize company, but we can pride ourselves on using an enterprise-level, enterprise-quality IT solution.

Bálint Michaletzky, Managing Partner, GreenGo