Mynet cloud costs drop 80% by running games on Oracle Cloud

The game app developer reduced costs, increased automation, and improved performance using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in a multicloud strategy.


The superior performance and competitive price is what led us to start using Oracle Cloud in 2019, and we’re now utilizing it for a number of our game titles. We’ve been able to achieve cloud cost reductions of about 80% in most of these game titles. Additionally, we’ve seen performance improvements, like the processing time needed for one title was reduced from an hour to just 10 minutes.

Hiroshi MatsumotoDirector, Head of Game Service Business Department, Mynet, and CEO, Mynet Games

Business challenges

Mynet, known for popular game apps such as Legend of Monsters and Age of Ishtaria, operates according to its vision of "Creating a society where people can meet anyone, anytime." The company is focusing on using big data to improve its service and make its games more successful. Mynet has embraced a multicloud model by using a variety of public clouds, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, and Tencent Cloud, using the best cloud for each game’s particular characteristics.

At Mynet, it’s important for the IT infrastructure that supports its game services to continuously improve in all aspects, including performance, cost, automation, and security. That’s because Mynet is constantly optimizing its infrastructure and architecture to deliver the best user experience, bringing longer-life games to its communities. Mynet began using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 2019 and has migrated eight titles to Oracle Cloud since then.

As an engineer, it is exciting for me to understand the characteristics of each cloud service and think about how to apply it to game titles. I value the questioning of existing concepts and continuing to take on challenges, and I feel the same spirit in OCI.

Yuki HorikoshiGroup leader, Engineering Management Group, Mynet

Why Mynet Chose Oracle

The company selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because it brings great performance capability, design flexibility, and cost advantages. Mynet's IT engineers also use OCI’s automation and continuously improving features to optimize their infrastructure and operations.

Moreover, Mynet Head of Engineering Yuki Horikoshi thinks very highly of OCI’s security, another key element. “Oracle Cloud Guard and Web Application Firewall that come as part of the standard security are really great services,” Horikoshi says. “Additionally, what really gives our company peace of mind is that Oracle Linux ensures that Oracle always applies the latest security patches to ensure its security.”


Mynet has reduced cloud costs by about 80% for the game titles it has moved to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For one game title, the company cut the time needed for batch processing from one hour to a mere 10 minutes. Oracle also continues to optimize OCI performance and provide continuous improvement for compute, network, and storage capabilities.

OCI’s autoscaling capabilities allow Mynet to run certain game titles almost entirely without staff maintenance. Periods of heavy usage and traffic differ depending on a game title’s characteristics. For example, large-scale multiplayer games may have events scheduled for the evening, leading to a heavy load at specific times of night. OCI lets Mynet come remarkably close to total automation of the dynamic infrastructure needed to support such changing game usage levels.

Published:August 12, 2021