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Oracle Customer Success — Samcon Management

Samcon Management

Samcon Management Migrates JD Edwards Environment to Oracle Cloud


Over the years, our business model has evolved from real estate developer to investor/operator. Our IT strategy is in the midst of a similar fundamental transformation as we move our on-premises JD Edwards environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Oracle Database as a Service. Oracle has an amazing cloud solution for small business. It’s highly reliable, affordable, and we have the convenience of a single vendor—which will significantly simplify IT operations management. We’ll save money and reduce risk with better security and data backups done properly in the cloud. We can also scale easily and cost effectively as we continue to grow. The implementation experience has been great with the migration to the cloud as well as Oracle’s transparency throughout the process. There are no hidden costs or surprises, and that is a welcome benefit.

— Sam Scalia, CEO, Samcon Management

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Published:  May 22, 2017