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Cutting-Edge Beginnings

Oracle Data Cloud is where better outcomes begin. But what are its origins? Oracle Data Cloud is built from the technologies created by six different acquired companies, each a leader or pioneer in its space. Let’s get to know the companies and their legacies a bit better.

The Bluekai DMP: The First of its Kind

The Bluekai DMP: The First of its Kind, 2014

BlueKai created the first-ever DMP that enabled marketers to acquire, centralize, interpret, and activate data across multiple channels, enhancing the customer experience and maximizing the return on marketing spend. As Oracle set out to revolutionize digital marketing, BlueKai—the market leader in data management—offered a natural fit as the anchor technology for Oracle Data Cloud.

Datalogix: The Best in Offline Data

Datalogix: The Best in Offline Data, 2014

Datalogix was the first company to connect offline purchase signals to digital media, helping marketers in the United States create comprehensive consumer profiles across digital, mobile, offline, and TV. Their audience creation and measurement—enabled by robust data science—allowed marketers to truly close the loop. This was especially appealing to Oracle, and why Datalogix was the critical next step in building the Oracle Data Cloud foundation.

AddThis: The Leader in Global Reach

AddThis: The Leader in Global Reach, 2016

AddThis is the leader in audience insight. Its site-sharing and activation tools power 15 million websites and enable unmatched global audience segment quality, scale, and insight. Oracle acquired this forward-thinking company to bridge the gap in the availability of quality data on a global scale. The addition of AddThis to Oracle Data Cloud provided the right tools to fill that gap.

Crosswise: Experts at Enhancing Connections Across Devices

Crosswise: Experts at Enhancing Connections Across Devices, 2016

The pinnacle of marketing in a digital world is not just connecting with consumers in a relevant way, but delivering a truly connected omnichannel experience across all of their many touchpoints. Crosswise's innovative technology processed more than one petabyte of user and device activity data from billions of unique devices and allowed marketers to associate multiple devices with one user. Matching devices to individual users in an accurate, scalable, and high-quality manner is a core focus of Oracle Data Cloud to support Oracle ID Graph, and thus Oracle welcomed Crosswise into the fold.

Moat: Market-Leader in Attention Measurement

Moat: Market Leader in Attention Measurement, 2017

Oracle saw the opportunity to fundamentally improve marketing performance by welcoming Moat. As the industry-leading attention analytics and intelligence platform, Moat helps improve the outcome of virtually every type of digital advertising campaign with actionable insights on viewability, brand safety, nonhuman traffic, and ad creative. This powerful technology enables marketers to prove that a human saw their ad, engaged with it, and took the marketer’s intended action. In a crowded digital environment where fraud and viewability challenges continue to waste ad dollars, Moat provides a strong complement to Oracle Data Cloud.

Grapeshot: Pioneer in Cookie-Free Audience Reach

Grapeshot: Pioneer in Cookie-Free Audience Reach, 2018

Recognizing the importance of identifying brand-suitable environments, Oracle identified that context is the next frontier of advertising. To round out its robust technology offering, Oracle welcomed Grapeshot in 2018. Grapeshot's contextual intelligence platform enables the rapid creation of highly customized segments that allow marketers to both effectively insulate their brand from risk (by avoiding brand-unsafe content categories) as well as optimize their campaigns with relevant environments including late-breaking news and trending themes.

Oracle Data Cloud: Where Better Outcomes Begin

Oracle Data Cloud: Where Better Outcomes Begin

These companies together contribute groundbreaking technologies, combining to form Oracle Data Cloud as it is known today. Building on the legacy of marrying the best of technology and data, Oracle Data Cloud delivers a set of solutions that enables agencies, brands, media platforms, and publishers to use data more effectively and drive better business outcomes.

The future of digital advertising has a vast potential yet to be tapped, and Oracle is committed to helping all of us achieve those possibilities.

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