Improving Health and Human Services: Kansas Chooses Cloud to Put Citizens First

Migration to Oracle Government Cloud helped secure vital nutrition and childcare benefits.

Solutions for Government Infrastructure


Reduce your IT costs

Cloud-based platforms enable agencies to drastically reduce spend while freeing up resources. Information technology leaders in government struggle with a common challenge: How do you innovate when approximately 75 percent of time and budget are dedicated to simply maintaining existing systems?


Making cloud secure

Multilayer security is a strong defense against cybersecurity threats. Oracle’s FedRAMP cloud services offer security features that automate key components of system administration and provide features to achieve tangible savings and minimize the potential for human error.


The power of the platform

Platform as a service (PaaS) connects on premises with cloud to ignite innovation. PaaS can seamlessly integrate legacy applications to the cloud while providing many of the cloud’s best features such as mobility, enhanced security, and advanced analytics.


Consolidate and migrate

Cloud readiness is the first step for many state and local agencies who must consolidate their sprawling data centers. Centralize disparate workloads onto Oracle’s engineered systems and leverage a cloud-adjacent architecture model for cloud-like elasticity in a secure data center within your walls.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Government-grade infrastructure

Agencies large and small recognize the transformative power of Oracle IaaS to drive meaningful change in the way government works. See how you can begin your journey.

Oracle Cloud at Customer

Inside your agency

Sometimes it’s a challenge to move your data or applications to the public cloud. Oracle can provide the same environment behind your firewall, giving you control of your data while Oracle delivers the services you specify.

Cloud Native

Custom apps for your constituents

The unique mission of public sector may require you to build and operate custom applications. Cloud native tools like containers, microservices, and serverless functions accelerate your software development needs.

Oracle PaaS

Building blocks for government

As government agencies begin their incremental move to the cloud, they need a foundation to build, integrate, monitor, and secure all mission-critical workloads. Oracle PaaS is the key to extending your on-premises applications to the cloud.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Do more with your agency’s data

Take advantage of Oracle’s next-generation technology and artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented reliability, performance, and highly elastic data management in seconds.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Insights for tomorrow’s government

Get faster insights, improved decision-making, and the power to predict trends and needs for tomorrow’s smart, connected government.

Cloud Security

Government holds the ultimate trust

Your agency is entrusted with citizen data, a social compact that cannot be breached. Solutions such as Oracle Identity and Access Management and Oracle Identity Cloud Service provide no-compromise, secure solutions.

Engineered Systems

Prepare for a cloud-first future

Start with Oracle’s engineered systems to eliminate server sprawl and rogue IT initiatives while setting the stage for a hybrid infrastructure that supports your financial and mission objectives.