Oracle in the High Technology OEM: Consumer Electronics Industry

Oracle in the High Technology OEM: Consumer Electronics Industry

Utilize innovative Oracle Cloud solutions for a customer-centric approach to product development, ease of use, service, and support, and meet the challenges of shrinking product life cycles, shorter design cycles, increasing product complexities, and slimmer margins.

Oracle High Technology OEM: Consumer Electronics Industry Features

Why Oracle?


  • Oracle helps high technology OEMs achieve a customer-centric approach in the products they build and in the ease of use, service, and support they provide
  • Oracle enables collaborative business processes in both the sales channel and the supply chain to create visibility and efficiency that supports growth and lowers costs

Elevate Performance

Elevate Performance by Achieving Cross-Enterprise Alignment and Synchronization in the Cloud

  • Improve operations and business results using sophisticated enterprise planning and performance management capabilities
  • Create, integrate, and align strategic, financial, organization, sales, operational planning, metrics, measurement, and results

Improve Innovation Results

Manage Portfolio and Product Development to Improve Innovation Results in the Cloud

  • Improve new product introduction ROI success and speed
  • Improve time to market, compliance, acceptance, and development costs
  • Synchronize development, sales, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, and service

Increase Marketing and Sales Results

Improve Channel Performance, Increase Marketing and Sales Results, and Reduce Costs in the Cloud

  • Utilize predictive marketing
  • Improved sales processes and management across all channels
  • Maintain a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Efficiently process all leads, orders, billing, and settlement

Synchronize Complex Supply Chains

Synchronize Complex Supply Chains and Address Complex and Constant Demand and Supply Volatility in the Cloud

  • Conduct complete sales and operations planning, including financial objectives
  • Efficiently manage strategic sourcing and manufacturing partners
  • Implement demand-driven operations for profitable growth while reducing inventory and logistics costs

Grow Profits

Grow Profits from Services and Improved Customer Satisfaction in the Cloud

  • Analyze and implement new services, expanding your portfolio
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a 360-degree view of customer and product data
  • Create value for the customer with field services, remote management, reverse logistics, depot repair, and asset management services—all with efficient warranty management
  • Provide efficient support and grow aftermarket sales

Drive Enterprise Efficiencies

Drive Enterprise Efficiencies and Compliance in the Cloud

  • Rationalize all governance and shared services of back-office processes
  • Achieve full Oracle HCM Cloud lifecycle management and implement efficient shared and self-service capabilities
  • Provide a business-driven, complete IT landscape, enabling business efficiency and transformation