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Oracle Hospitality hosted Innovation Week in March 2021. More than 400 people representing more than 200 companies in 48 countries attended the event. Our exploration of hospitality innovation continues with Oracle Hospitality Innovation Center. Watch our on-demand content, live sessions, and much more.

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Speeding into innovation: Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform use case videos

  • Fornova logo

    Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform integrates hotel data feeds, such as average rate index, reservations, and performance, into FornovaHBI.

  • Glowing logo

    Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform lets Glowing connect hotels with their guests in the moment.

  • P3 logo

    Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform brings to life many new P3 features that previously weren’t possible that help hotels drive operational efficiency and make life easier for guests

  • StayPlease logo

    StayPlease uses Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform APIs to provide real-time updates for rooms and reservation status and guest notifications to facilitate a seamless experience for housekeeping and front-office operations.

  • TNG logo

    HRS brings its TNG spa, wellness, loyalty, and guest activities solution to the OPERA Cloud community using Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform

  • Superface logo

    By using Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform APIs, Superface keeps its focus on the solution it offers and away from lengthy integration processes.

  • MyStay logo

    MyStay’s integration into OPERA Cloud using Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform simplifies the life of the hotel receptionist and makes processes more efficient.

  • TeamJet logo

    TeamJet easily integrates its hotel task management solution into OPERA Cloud with Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform.

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