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Questions fréquentes

Embracing diverse abilities

We’re committed to creating a workplace where all kinds of people can succeed without barriers. We know that in order to tackle the world’s most important problems, our workforce needs to reflect the diversity of the billions of people who use our technology.

Our inclusion journey is ongoing

diversity recruitment

Hiring people with disabilities

By hiring people with differing abilities, we open ourselves up to new ways of thinking and even higher levels of innovation. Our diversity recruitment programs and partnerships help us actively recruit people with visible and invisible disabilities.

supporting talent

Supporting our talent

Our aim is to empower all our employees to do their best work. We hold an annual Internal Accessibility Conference and provide disability inclusion programs such as interpreter services, access for support animals, reasonable accommodations, and a disability resource guide.

uplifting each other

Uplifting each other

The Oracle Diverse Abilities Network is our employee resource group which aims to create an inclusive and accessible work environment for people of all abilities. We fulfil our mission through advocacy, opportunities, resources, outreach, and education.

championing equality

Championing equality

We work with external organizations to help break down barriers, increase opportunities, and provide scholarships for people with disabilities. Some of our partners include Best Buddies, Disability:IN, and Tech Inclusion.

Creating accessible technologies for all

We’re dedicated to building products that everyone can use. As a leader in accessibility technology, we’re proud to share our advances in this field and help the technology industry understand how to integrate accessibility into the development process.

Employee profiles

Celebrating our people



Technology opens the door to accessibility

Elkin is a solution engineer in Oracle Colombia. Arriving at our office in Bogotá, he used to have to call our security personnel to help him get his wheelchair out of the car and into the office building. “The access doors from the parking lot to the elevators used to be too heavy, making them very difficult to open, and even more so from a wheelchair,” Elkin recalls.

During an Oracle hackathon last year, Elkin and his team turned to technology to find a solution. “We decided to develop a project based on the Internet of Things that promotes mobility and accessibility for people with disabilities at work.”

Elkin team’s built a wearable device that remotely generates a notification when he enters the parking lot. This means that security personnel are waiting for him when he arrives. They help him get his wheelchair out of the car—but that’s all the assistance he needs. “Through a sensor installed in the doors and in the device itself, the doors automatically open for me and I’m ready to start my day’s work.”



Learning to walk again

When Sacha went for a routine surgery in 2015, she was left unexpectedly paralysed down her left side. Less than a year later she got an enticing job offer from Oracle. “Moving companies was daunting. In my old company everybody knew what happened, which made it safe and comfortable. But I just couldn’t bring myself to pass up the opportunity to join a company like Oracle.”

One of Sacha’s fears involved not being able to comply with a dress code. When Sacha wrote to her future manager about her worries, she knew instantly she had chosen the right employer. “Her reply came the following day: ‘Sacha, I hired you for your brain and what you will bring to the team, not your sense of fashion.’ With one simple sentence, she told me that my disability would never be an issue.”



Living with invisible disabilities

Joey is an Oracle Customer Success Manager and former US Marine—someone who describes himself as living with invisible disabilities. “You can’t see everyone’s disabilities,” Joey explains. “I suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. That’s more difficult for people to see than a soldier who is missing an arm.”

To help him feel more at ease, Joey brings his emotional support dog, Meeko, to work with him. "My leadership team at Oracle have been a major support,” Joey shares. “They’ve been completely receptive to my needs and instrumental in gaining approval for anything and everything I’ve found helpful. Oracle knows that the more they accommodate their employees’ needs, the more productive and effective they will become.”



Increasing neurodiversity at work

Oracle Diversity and Inclusion Champion Jon has been a lifelong advocate for equal opportunities. When it came to light that his son had Asperger’s Syndrome, he realized there wasn’t enough being done to promote neurodiversity in the working world.

“Most organisations’ recruitment and performance review processes are geared towards neurotypical people—the 90%,” Jon explains.

This is what inspired Jon to launch the Oracle UK Neurodiversity Network. “It’s an untapped talent pool. We’re currently working with the Business Disability Forum to develop formal programs, advise on workplace accommodations, and promote cultural acceptance.”

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