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Response Readiness

Oracle Health Response Readiness cloud service serves large healthcare, government, and disaster and emergency relief organizations. As a configurable product, it supports clear communication and the swift allocation and distribution of critical resources to end points across networks. The flexible product is designed for a variety of use cases, including an array of public health responses to events such as global pandemics, human-caused disasters, devastating acts of nature, and critical goods shortages.

Key benefits of Oracle Health Response Readiness

Critical supply optimization features

Unlike a standard order fulfillment system, Oracle’s solution enables smaller network organizations to share supplies between them. Critical resources are pushed from a central entity to many different end sites and can be transferred between end sites—whether they’re related or not.

Unique distribution controls and rules

Gain the ability to place thresholds on critical supplies for partners as well as order limits on sites. This can help limit the supplies partners are able to allocate and prevent individual sites from “over-ordering” limited supplies.

Renowned reliability and scalability

Built from proven products that support COVID-19 and mpox supply allocation, it is flexible and configurable to support your own use cases.

Illuminating dashboards and quick communication

Built-in dashboards support informed decisions for an effective impact across your network. Near real-time communication helps enable swift action when needed.

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